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11 thoughts on “Want to Write for Rootjunky.com”

  1. hey plz upload the ainol novo 7 rainbow tablet firmware and updates regarding lollipop and also innjoo fire mobile

  2. Nice video, but since I added a google phone number on my smart phone, all the outbound calls show up as “out of area”—on other people’s phone ID. Also, is there a way to have the option of calling out from my phone with either number? My last smart phone had the option: it always asked me with which number I want to call out. However, with my new phone I am having numerous issues. can you please help me? I would very much appreciate it´╗┐.

    Can you please email me a reply at jeyoco@gmail.com

  3. i do follow the bypass google account video of you and i perfectly applied it but still my phone ask me Samsung ID but it actually let me to skip the google account step, is there another option or something?

  4. Hi root junky , I love your videos, and it is very informative I follow you since there are already long time.
    for this I have a problem on my Motorola DROID RAZR XT912. because he told me that the phone storage (SD card too) is not mounted. I do not know why it happened. I used before for my safestrap CM rom and I had to mishandling by removing the storage.

  5. Hi. RootJunky You Have Upload Awesome Application For Andriod And Really You Are Doing A Great Job. I Am Finding One Application I Find In Too Many Websites But I Coulnt’d Find It. Maybe You Can Help Me For It! How To ByPaas Any Andriod Phone If It Is Locked With Pattern Or Pin Code Without Formatting The Phone.

  6. I’m trying to bypass frp on Nexus 6p using one of your videos. However, on one of the steps, I do not have the option to choose as you did, therefore I can’t continue. The step after opening quick shortcuts, Google account manager, your option was to click on “type email & password”. I do not have this option in my list. What am I to do? Please help. Thanks

  7. hey rootjunky, ive spent all night trying to figure out how to make my galaxy work again. it started with the frp lock but I can not get anything to work, ive tried many different methods and apps and nothing! I cant even copy an apk because it says the device stopped working because I’m guessing the files some how got deleted. Could you please give me alittle insight ? thanks !


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