Android N Developer Preview

Android N Developer Preview


I just got home from work to find out that Google released Android N developer preview!!!! So I quickly wrote up a bunch of script files to make it simple to flash this firmware on your Nexus devices. I gave these scripts 2 options on is a full flash with data wipe and the other is firmware no wipe to keep your data in tacked. Hope you enjoy and check back soon as I will be adding to this post later today with some video footage and some pictures 😉 But for now here are the links to this new Android N firmware, just click on your device below. Another option would be to Sign up for the Android Beta Program to get ota updates to this new developer preview.

NOTE: unlocked bootloader required to flash this firmware. Once unlocked just boot into bootloader mode and click the flash all file you want to use.


Nexus 6   plus remove encryption

Nexus 6P   plus remove encryption

Nexus 9

Nexus Player

Pictures below




How to install Android N Developer Preview on your Nexus Device


RootJunky out

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25 thoughts on “Android N Developer Preview”

  1. my mobile is moto g turbo edition so… how to install android N plzz tell me..
    9979025814 my num plzz text me only whatsapp…… rootjunky

  2. RJ, I’m assuming your method does not include TWRP, etc? (Sorry if I missed any reference in the video, but I don’t think I did?)

  3. My mobile (Spice dream UNO) consist of 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory can I install Android N preview in my mobile can u suggest me please

  4. @RootJunky .. OK , downloaded your “N”.zip file .. OK I’m completely stock Nexus 6P .. Question : using the NRT Kit (Wugfresh), how do I flash the “N”.zip file .. ?
    Should I do root/custom recovery , then launch side load OTA ?
    Can you give me a brief procedure .. Step 1, Step 2, .. and so on .. ?
    Please Respond .. Thanks for reading

  5. YOU are awesome! Thank you sir! 🙂

    Downloading and ready to flash (3) of the devices on that list… 😉

      • I have watched your video on how to bypass the FRP without OTG or PC and I have followed all the steps and got to the point where I can go into the camera however I dont have the option for Mode…
        I have a samsung Grand Prime SM-G531 H/DS
        Would you know how I can get around all that?


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