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How to videos on root and mod your Motorola devices

Click to see my post on how to restore your stock firmware to your motorola device


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56 thoughts on “Motorola”

  1. Hello
    I recently purchased a moto x pure edition off amazon. i used it for a little bit and than i followed your videos on unlocking the boot loader and than i tried to install super SU and thats when the phone stayed at the start up screen and never full turned on. my phone is now useless. i realize i am responsible. however i was wondering if you could please help me with any info about how to get my phone to work again thank you.

    P.s. I dont have much money, cant even get another phone right now. please help.

  2. I have the Droid Turbo & accidentally deleted my entire camera roll. All recovery sites say phone needs to be rooted. Willing to pay for photos to be recovered but would like to know if anyone has had success rooting this phone/photo recovery first.

  3. Hello junky my name is Bilal I have a problem my Motorola droid maxx xt1080 not rooted please give me easy way and my bootloader is locked

  4. Hi ­čÖé
    I’m using moto g2 lollipop 5.1 running paranoid android , so is it okay to install exposed framework after flashing a custom romROM.

  5. Hi I saw ur video how to root Droid Mini droid ultra nd droid max.Sunshine app is for $25 nd I can’t pay $25 plz tell some other root access app which is save for my device Droid Mini.nd I m trying to install Moto Root nd King Root but both r not Installing.Plz plz help me nd give some another app to Root my Droid Mini Thanks

  6. hi iam using Motorola maxx2. I tried to root it but something went wrong it got bricked and stucked into ap fastboot mode (secure). I tried recovery from fastboot mode but it says no command. nothing is working. I tried to flash it with rsd lite but its not detecting my phone although drivers are correctly installed and computer is also detecting the phone

  7. Motorola xt1527 I buy it butt did not know about Google aounnt how can I bypass the Google aounnt lock for it pl pl pl can any one help me

  8. I keep hoping you guys will get a Turbo 2, I’m running Marshmallow, and have loads of Verizon bloat ware. Any plans on posting a tutorial on that model?

  9. Can I send you my Moto X Pure edition and pay you to bypass my FRP? I’m dead serious about that. I get to the part where the build number won’t activate developer options and don’t have the know how to advance past that.

  10. Heloo I have a motorola xt1528 which is frp locked and I can’t remember the I’d and don’t have that Sim as I am of U.S now can you help me out

  11. No string codes are running but some how I am able to get to the google chrome app infect google search isn’t working and I can’t go to the downloads app

  12. I have Droid Mini with 4.4.4. and build number SU6-7.7 (Motorola X8) by Verizon (unlocked). Instead of deleting one photo I deleted the entire CAMERA ROLL. Can you please help me recovering my DELETED JPG files from the Internal memory (16GB).

  13. My mobile is bootloader is unlocked successfully but after some days can only massage on screen wait 5 second ..they can’t start my mobile

  14. Is there anything like Nexus root toolkit for Motorola phones, I just bought the Moto z play edition and would like to get rid of the bloatware.
    Thank you in advance keep up the good work, I have been following your work for many years.

  15. Ive got a Moto z xt1650 with google frp lock enabled. I have no idea how to contact the individual i bought it from, he wont reply to any of my messages. is there a bypass currently available? if not, could i pay you to find one? thanks

  16. Hallo Man,first of all I would like to say you are good job to be continued.
    I need to help me.
    I need to unlock bootloader my moto G4 plus.Plss help me.

  17. hey im having same issue with xt1650. anyone hve luck? bought off craigslist for my girl. i can usually do this stuff this is the only one that has had me stumped

  18. please help me i am so lost i can not even find what kind of phone i have. i have tried looking up model, fcc id, and the type of motorola.

  19. Dear rootjunky,
    I has a Moto Force XT-1650, it is blocked with FRP, I want to bypass the FRP, if i have to pay, I goig to pay, please tell me how i can unlocked.

  20. I need help with my moto E 2nd gen 4g LTE lollipop I can’t figure out how to root it I’m new to this will u please help (xt1527) 5.1 kernel version 23.2 11.6 surnia

  21. How can i unlock bootloader of Moto Xt 1030 (Droid Mini) without sunshine app, because I have tried many times but, now i feels it’s may impossible to you.
    Plz reply me kindly.
    Thank you.

  22. I bought a Moto Z force XT1650-02 from a neighbor. They never signed out of Google so now I can’t bypass the frp. They won’t respond to my messages or calls and I’m running out of options. Tried the bypass without a pc, but it didn’t work. HELP!

  23. Hellow Sir i Have driod Turbo 2 xt1585 and i want to unlock my bootloader but unlocking website did not unlock it i have a oem bootloader code and all gevtr information so can you help me to unlock it?


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