How to videos on root and mod your Motorola devices


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  1. Hello @rootjunky. I currently own a Motorola G⁶ ON ANDROID 9, and it was recently soft-bricked. I DESPERATELY need a STOCK Read-Only Memory [ROM] link to restore my device because my device has been due for a system upgrade for weeks now. I have searched ALL OVER the internet looking for a suitable STOCK ROM for my build number, and NEITHER your site NOR “androidfilehost” have it. When you get back to me, please leave me an email for me to give you all the information you need from my device?

    Thank you.

  2. Hellow Sir i Have driod Turbo 2 xt1585 and i want to unlock my bootloader but unlocking website did not unlock it i have a oem bootloader code and all gevtr information so can you help me to unlock it?


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