Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Super Tool

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Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Super Tool

Warning use at your own risk. I have tested this on my own EVGA Nvidia Tegra Note 7 on android 4.4.2 and it works great.



tool 2

1. adb and fastboot driver install
2. unlock bootloader
3. Restore / unbrick device
4. Flash stock android recovery
5. install ClockWorkMod recovery Bat version
6. Install TeamWin / TWRP recovery
7. Root access in recovery with supersu

this is a pretty easy to use tool just read & follow the steps and it will walk you right through. Hope this is helpful to some noobs out there that dont know how to use android SDK.

How to use the Super Tool Video
Tegra Note 7 Super Tool Video
Updated Video for Version 2.0

Link to my download page where you can find the tool and lots of other great files.

Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Super Tool newest version

1. Adjusted the cwm recovery install to boot you to recovery after install
2. Cleaned up script
3. After each option tool will now reboot to menu options again
4. Root option now temp boots recovery to flash Supersu. Keeps you on stock recovery if you want it for ota updates.
5. Fixed a problem with the restore files keeping ota’s from installing right.
1. Added stock recovery flash
2. updated restore files to 4.3 new 7MB ota
3. added a wipe data factory reset or reboot option to the restore process
4. cleaned up the script
1. added driver install and test feature
2. added better graphical features
3. cleaned up script
1. fixed CWM recovery flash not working. and stock recovery being restored
2. cleaned up script
1. Updated restore files for KITKAT 4.4.2
2. updated to newest SuperSU.zip for root
1. Added write to SD card fix for kitkat option 7
2. moved driver install and test to option 8
1. updated restore files to new ota 4.4.2-2.1
2. updated supersu.zip to 1.94
3. tested all updated files
1. Updated restore files to New OTA 4.4.2-2.3
2. Updated stock recovery to 4.4.2-2.3
1. Updated restore files to New OTA 4.4.2-2.4
2. Updated stock recovery to 4.4.2-2.4
1. Added TWRP Recovery to super tool thanks to shaky156
1. updated super tool to 2,4,1 ota
2. updated supersu to version 2.00
3. Updated stock recovery to 2.4.1 ota
4. dont forget the TWRP is now functioning
1. updated to OTA 2.5
2. added new supersu
3. cleaned up script
4. killed adb server on close
HUGE thanks to Matt Groff for helping with all off the files and script.

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Wifi Phone

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How to turn your old or new android device into a WiFi phone


1.  Phone with Android version 4.3 or higher

2.  Gmail account

3.  Google hangouts app installed

4.  Google Voice app installed

5.  Hangouts dialer app installed

6.  A phone number you can use to setup your Google voice account with but not use. It can be a land line or a cell

7. a WiFi network to have your device connected to. maybe at your home or at McDonalds 🙂

Steps for setup

1. Go to Google.com/voice and login

2. get a new number for your google voice account

3. activate new number be verifying with another number cell phone or lane line.

4. setup voice mail and any other settings you like on the site

5. check forward calls to Google chat this is really import also make sure you verification number isnt checked


6. Now that you have your google voice number setup you can setup the apps on your phone

7. setup google voice app first then open and setup hangouts next hangouts dialer


8. go to settings on hangouts app and select sms and enable it



8. again in settings click on your email address. Then under google voice check both incoming phone calls and messages


thats it your done

if you did everything right you now have a android phone that when it is on wifi can make and receive phone calls with the google voice number you setup. It can send and receive text also from that google voice number and even get voice mail that can be played in the hangouts app, in fact all the features listed here are done from the hangouts app.

This is a great way to use a old phone or even a phone with a bad esn

No sim card required device can be unactivated

Enjoy my little trick and also what i use for a home phone

RootJunky Out

Sync this phone with a android wear device and you will be really running smooth 🙂

 if you are still having a hard time with this check out this video it the same process just with different apps

The Moto 360 & Android Wear: After a week

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Reposted from my Google+ page.

So here’s my first weeks impression with the Moto 360, but also Android Wear in general:

Things that I loved:
Seeing all my notifications come to my watch, so I didn’t have to dig around for my phone in my pocket, unlock it with the passcode, etc.

Replying to messages! (when it works). Google Now’s voice recognition is absolutely great on the Moto 360. It’s at least just as good than as a phone or tablet, if not even better. Of course, nothing is perfect. Sometimes it can get words wrong in a noisy place, but that’s to be expected.

Customizing a watchface. I was referred to Facer for Android Wear (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jeremysteckling.facerrel) and fell in love with its easy to use interface for making a totally unique watchface that works the way you want it to. You can very easily download and share watchfaces within the app and on the Reddit sub-section for Facer. The Developer is very receptive to suggestions and is always looking for ways to improve. Personally, I prefer a digital watchface and I wasn’t a fan of what the watch came with for those choices. I realize I’m probably in the minority for getting the circular watch and only using digital watchfaces though!

My personal watchface of choice. Great on battery consumption!
My personal watchface of choice. Great on battery consumption!

Battery. Yes, the battery is fine! I use the watch with Ambient turned OFF. This is key. The watch is basically sleeping with the screen off until you flick your wrist up to check the time, tap on the screen, or get a notification. Some folks may prefer Ambient with the screen always on, but I’d rather it last all day…and it has! I’ve not had it die on me in any of the days using it, and I’ve not given up anything other than Ambient. I’ve used it as a GPS companion, controlling music, replying to many messages, receiving them, and all with getting 10-30% by the end of the day. The 10% day was cutting it close, but from 8am to 1am I consider that pretty good!

Things I didn’t love as much:
Notifications get cut off sometimes by the not-so-360 screen of Moto 360. Traffic times and address locations especially. It almost seems like they designed Android Wear specifically for square displays and changed it at the last minute to work on circular ones. Which is probably the case.

The first day I had a major charging issue. It resolved itself by charging overnight, but stressed me out and made me think my new watch was defective. Thankfully, it wasn’t. Motorola was very quick to offer help in the case it didn’t get fixed by an overnight charge which was wonderful to hear. They don’t let ya down!


The battery charging issue had the watch going from dead to 8% to dead, repeating almost hourly.

For development, having USB access would have been wonderful. You can use ADB over Bluetooth, but without USB access you cannot get any files flashed with Fastboot mode, which means even if a root exploit came out for the Moto 360/Android Wear, you’d be S.O.L. if you screwed something up and couldn’t flash back the stock firmware.

It’s hard to find still! People can’t seem to find them in stock in their Best Buy’s as much as they try. This is technically a good thing for Motorola and Android Wear in general that they are so popular, but at least for now it makes it harder to get into the hands of other folks who want them.

The stock texting app for the Samsung Galaxy S 5 cannot use the Reply function on the Moto 360. I’m sure I could find another app that can, and this is probably just an issue on Samsung’s end, but its sad that it doesn’t work.

Android Wear devices are all lacking Speakers. Coming from a Galaxy Gear with one, it feels like Android Wear is running on mute all the time, and its sorely missed.

My last not-so-favorite thing is that the Trusted Device unlock method seems to only work for the Moto X (2nd Gen). This is something I grew to love with my Samsung Galaxy Gear + Samsung Galaxy S 5. Not having to enter a passcode and still be secure is incredibly useful and time-saving.

Would I recommend the Moto 360?
I’ve gotten this question a lot and to be honest there is no clear cut answer for this one. Do you want a companion to your Android smartphone for more easily accessible notifications? Do you want Google Now on your wrist? Are you OK with only a single day battery life? Are you OK with spending $249 on it? If yes is the answer to all those questions, go for it (if you can find one!). If not, hold off for a second generation product. The Moto 360 is a great product, but certainly not a Must-Buy for everyone out there.

I hope my experiences with the Moto 360 can help someone out there make a decision for themselves on the watch and other devices out there. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below on your thoughts and feelings about the Moto 360 and Android Wear!

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