PhonLab E-Campus

PhonLab E-Campus


I have teamed up with MJ Nale an experts in Android smartphone repairs and support and the owner of Android Hawaii. A repair shop in you guessed it Hawaii. There is also a physical campus in Honolulu if you are looking to take classes with a instructor or two.  PhonLab E-Campus is a online SmartPhone service course to teach repair centers and cellphone shops how to fix firmware problems on phones along with many other security and IMEI fixes. We are working hard to create one of the best online lesson based course around. The concept behind this class is to keep adding to it as technology changes to stay up to date. As part of the class you will have access to our files and the ability to request an instructors assistance with your lessons. You can also request new content to be added. we will do the hard part to figure it all out then bring it to the students in easy to follow video and written tutorial.

If this sounds like just what you are looking for or you really just want to learn something new then sign up here and you can get a nice discount at check out by using coupon code rootjunky9. NOTE might need to be in caps like this ROOTJUNKY9

I look forward to seeing you there. Please comment on any lesson and I will be happy to help out.

RootJunky / E-campus instructor.


RSD Lite for Mac and Linux
Quadrooter Qualcomm Exploit

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9 thoughts on “PhonLab E-Campus”

  1. hi there i have tried to sign up for the smartphone tech course many times but when it comes time to pay it always rejects my card saying theres an error even tho i have more than enough funds on the card. what can i do about this id really like to take the course.

  2. I’ve used realterm got to the send text menu I sent an email, used that exploit to get to upload file by tapping on attach file button from downloads BC that’s how u get to ur SDcard or what have you? Use com.sika apk and you should have it at this point worked for me on A5 Oct patch, J3 Nov patch, and other various models of Samsung. Hope this helps

  3. Hello,
    Pls I just got a Samsung J7 passed on to me by an Uncle, really having issues bypassing the frp.
    How can u help.

    Thank you

  4. Hi! I own a Laptop repair shop in Mexico, and I’m willing to take the next step and repair cellphones too! I came from the video where MJ explains you guys have a method to remove iCloud from any Apple device Model.
    Will your clases teach me which tools I need to buy to do it? I know the method itself costs money, but would it be cost effective to a little repair shop?

  5. Yes so I dug into the remaining frp bypass videos you have here in this site.. But unfortunately too no avail.. Gave up ready to scrap the phone when I was on eBay looking to see if anybody was having success trying to sell a frp locked phone.. There are an insane amount of “sellers” on eBay offering “services” where they can remote access your pc (with your device connected via USB) using an application called “Team View”.. Now my device is unlocked 100% took the dude maybe 10 minutes.. Sounds kind of sketchy but it was a risk I was willing to take. I have the dudes personal cell # if anybody is open to looking into it.. EBay listing says asking price is $14.50 O.B O.. I didn’t barter with him on the price, hell I was willing to pay more.. Pretty sure it only works for Samsung’s but not 100%.. Thier are many other listings on eBay but this is the only one I can confirm works..

  6. is this where your going to put the next tutorial for bypassing frp on new Samsung devices? If so I’ll gladly pay the $30 to be able to use my new s7 I purchased before it becomes obsolete.. I don’t think my s7 is on latest Aug update which patched your most recent “trick” but can’t even get passed the first few steps.. For some reason when plugged into my pc via usb the device doesn’t show up on device manager under “modem” instead it shows up under “portable devices” .. Therefore doesn’t have the necessary information listed under its properties

    • yes Phonlab will be the place that o show off more FRP methods as i find them. but at this time the latest ones are on this site already. have you looked through them all there are like 20 some videos on FRP removal.


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