TWRP 3.0.0-0 Released with new features

TWRP 3.0.0-0 Released


New features in TWRP 3.0.0-0:

  • Completely new theme – Much more modern and much nicer looking (by z31s1g)
  • True Terminal Emulator – Includes arrow keys, tab and tab completion, etc. (by _that)
  • Language translation – It won’t be perfect and especially some languages that require large font files like Chinese & Japanese won’t be availble on most devices. Also some languages may only be partially translated at this time. Feel free to submit more translations to OmniROM’s Gerrit. (mostly by Dees_Troy)
  • Flashing of sparse images – On select devices you will be able to flash some parts of factory images via the TWRP GUI (by HashBang173)
  • Adopted storage support for select devices – TWRP can now decrypt adopted storage partitions from Marshmallow
  • Reworked graphics to bring us more up to date with AOSP – includes support for adf and drm graphics (by Dees_Troy)
  • SuperSU prompt will no longer display if a Marshmallow ROM is installed
  • Update exfat, exfat fuse, dosfstools (by mdmower)
  • Update AOSP base to 6.0
  • A huge laundry list of other minor fixes and tweaks

WARNING: This is our first release in a long time. We have a lot of new and somewhat aggressive changes in this new release. The changes to the graphics back-end may cause some devices to not boot up properly or have other display-related issues. If you are not in a position to reflash an older build of TWRP, then wait until you are or at least wait until others have tried the new TWRP 3.0.0-0 for your specific device. You don’t want to end up with a non-working recovery and have to wait several hours or days to get to a computer to be able to fix it.

Team Win Recovery Project has been my favorite recovery ever since it was released. Dees_Troy and his team have done one amazing job at keeping up with this custom recovery and i am really thankful to them for all there hard work. If you love TWRP as much as i do please send then a little donation to say thanks 🙂

Donate to TWRP HERE

Going a quick search of the TWRP site it looks like there are already a bunch of official supported device that have builds of TWRP 3.0.0-0 available today and more to come soon i am sure, here are some of them.

Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9, LG G4, Moto X Pure Edition, Moto G 2015, Galaxy Note 5. Many more are available these are just some of the mosts popular.

Click HERE to see if this new version of TWRP is available for your device.


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9 thoughts on “TWRP 3.0.0-0 Released with new features”

  1. How do you get around or out of the screen when it’s frozen at TEAM WIN? It’s just stick on that page when I boot up the Galaxy s6 and will not leave that screen at c all what so ever. WHAT IN THE F*@# DO I DO TO FIX THIS PROBLEM? Because literally I’m to the verge of smashing this damn phone……

  2. I have a ZTE Avid Plus running 5.1.1 and I didn’t find your advice column for that phone, why is that, I’ve been searching the net for weeks trying to find a solution, could you help, I don’t do social networking, I’m a Minister, and they started sending me sexual content from social networking so I told them all I won’t ever be back, they violated my ethics, especially being my family sometimes uses my phone, because of the larger viewing screen.

  3. So I rooted my LG ls675 but didn’t really do my homework first which I should have known better seeing as how I just bricked my Lg Volt 2 a week ago which is why I bought this one. Anyway I have Lg tribute 5 ls675 I rooted it with kingo root and it is running on Android lollipop 5.1. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  4. Plz make toturial droid mini xt1030 how to install twrp plzzzz rootjinky I need your help to install new ROM on my droid mimi

  5. Your videos and tutorials are BY FAR , THEE BEST !! Never knew of TWyuntil I came across your videos. I LOVE IT ! way better than CWM recovery , to me anyway.I’ve fully tweaked out my HTC dinc ,umbricked and gave a Samsung Stratosphere I’ve had for years ,all thanks to your awesome broadcasts !:


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