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Amazon Devices

How to Firmware Restore your device.

2. Download the amazon frimware and keep it where you can flash it.
3. Boot into recovery (Volume Down + Power at the same time)
4. Select “adb sideload” or whatever it says using your volume keys and press the power to select
5. Now adb sideload <frimware>.bin
6. Its probably gonna take 5- 10 minutes so be patient and then once the recovery options come up make sure you wipe every thing and cache as well
7. Reboot gonna take another few minutes BE PATIENT!!
8. Now your back to your stock frimware. video Tutorial on these steps below.

If you want to know how to root, hack, mod, and rom your Android device then click below

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Fire 7in 5th gen

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  1. Hi ther

    I’ve got as far as the “Allow USB Debugging” prompt but after allowing I cannot get the next screen showing item 2 “Install google PLay Store” Please can you help me?
    Thanks Anthony

  2. Has anyone realised how quiet the audio is through headphones on the new Fire 7″ tablet (3rd gen)? I’m guessing there’s software limiting the max output (volume boosting apps just cause the audio to compress and get mushy, not any louder).

    Root Junky, is this anything that can be rectified at any point do you think? After using your Supertool to unlock this tablets true potential, this is a great buy but compared to the output of my other units, this is a little frustrating.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts…

  3. Second submittal. I have gone through all of the ADB install routines. The script for no. 7 seems to start but you never get the “running” note. If you hit the space bar, it says “waiting for device” and hangs there. What am I doing wrong?

    • well you go the adb drivers install which is great now get the fastboot drivers install to continue pass this point use option 1 to test if adb and fastboot drivers are installed

  4. The Supertool is indeed super. Particularly for a newbie like me.

    Two questions: is it currently possible — on a rooted Kindle Fire 7 inch fifth gen running OS 5.1.1 — to install TWRP? I desperately want to do a full device backup on my new Fire — and have been having no success at doing so to date.

    Also, having been trying to run the Supertool option #4 to turn off Amazon OS updates — also with no success.

    Whatever the answers, thanks for the tool. A very nice piece of work.

  5. On a 4th Gen HDX 8.9″ running 4.5.5

    Well I managed to get through all the steps of installing Google Store. Everything looked great until I clicked the Store icon. “ERR RH-01” Did a ton of research, all the same fixes to no avail. They all suggested clearing cache and data, forcing stop then rebooting. I’ll survive if there is no work around but I thought I’d ask.

  6. Well, I used Flashfire and made a backup file.

    Then I reinstalled CM12.1 and Gapp. When it booted up and got hung at “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” I

    Gee, I wish could flash the backup from this USB connection, AND Gee, I wish I knew how to turn ADB Debug to on without the GUI.

    I can get to fastboot mode. Does that help? Is this a brick yet?

  7. same trouble as anthony. everything goes smooth but never see screen with option “2” to install. tried unplugging and a different usb cable that wasnt a fire cable.

  8. Thanks for the packages and batch files – I couldn’t have done this without them!

    I’m running SlimLP on teh 5th gen Fire tablet and it seems fine – except for two problems.

    First, I can get a good install of the Kindle reader for android, and the tablet shows the correct Amazon account information. Still, I don’t have access to the e-textbooks stored on Amazon. Is there a workaround?

    Second, I started with a 16GB micro SD card and everything was great. I now want to move to a 128 GB micro SD card. I dismounted the old card, installed the new, and now I can see the command “mount SD card”, but I just don’t get a result. Is there a limit on how large a card I can use?

  9. Question! I followed all of your videos and everything, except the Su binary won’t download. I have google play, taken off fire launcher and replaced with yours, rooted… Did root checker and it said it checked out and now isn’t. I do have kingroot(didn’t work) and it will not get off my fire. I think it is the source of the root not installing properly. Any suggestions? 5.1.1 Fire

  10. Hey rootjunky,

    I’m rooted on 5.1.2 on the 5th gen 7inch. I want to flash a rom but I don’t know which one since 5.1.2 is so new. I really want Slimrom.

    I tried your YouTube method for 5.1.1 and slimrom, but the version of FlashFire that Supertool gave is different than the one in your vid(I think it’s newer?). It has all these other options under Wipe and OTA.

    Have you successfully flashed any rom to 5.1.2?

    Thanks, and I appreciate you and all you’ve done for the Kindle

  11. Used Supertool to install Goggle Play Store.on Amazon Fire 7 5.1.2.
    Worked great but after a few days it went into an endless loop of optimizing system storage and applications..
    Connected to computer, ran Supertool again, recognized devise, shows serial number then the screen disappears.
    I now have a brick. I have watched the video on how to unbrick but no luck.
    Any suggestions?

  12. Got two rooted Kindle 16GB 5th Gen 5.1.1, root went fine with no issues. I have a slight reboot issue. About once a day the tablet reboots to the lock screen. Here is what I am doing:

    1. Running Clash of Clans
    2. Running repetitouch to simulate clicks
    3. Running SuperSU

    About once a day if I look at the tablets one has rebooted to the lock screen and everything is closed, this is why I assume it was a reboot.

    Units do get warm, but not really burning hot.

    Anyone have ideas what might be causing this?


  14. My Fire (os 5.1.2)will not root using KingRoot. I followed the instrictions exactly but after rebooting and trying several times, it still wont work. i also tried resetting the Fire to its original state with no luck there either. do you have any idea what im doing wrong? please help!

  15. my kindle is blocked by emobile security and antivirus app what can do ?. there is only one option rooting isn’t it
    but how do i root it
    need help

  16. im wondering about the kindle with 5.1.3 i just got it on 5/26/2016 i have downgraded it to 5.1.2 just fine fallowing you. but still cant get google play to work it downloads and when i try to log in it tells me there was a problem communicating with google servers i also cant get any kind of root. Are you working on the new update at this time?

  17. I am wondering if you have a video / noob cheat sheet for owners that have a 5.1.3 device. I have downgraded to 5.1.2 but ran into an unresponsive server for play store. So I thought I would root and then flash CM12 – unfortunately it won’t accept rooting – as I type I am sideloading the 5.1.2. Question is how do I get CM12 onto the device? Many thanks in advance

  18. additional – well after sideloading 5.1.2 (again) I can now achieve root, but flashfire doesn’t load when I push it to the device. The app shows in the list but just briefly flashes up and then closes. ADB and fastboot drivers all work so it’s a bit odd. – apologies for placing this in your comments here. but you made it far too easy.

  19. I watched your YouTube video of how to do this, and I still cannot sign into google. Says there is a problem communicating with google, try again later, which I have and no luck ? I have followed all instructions, I don’t know why it isn’t working, any thoughts?

  20. Hey Root Junk,

    Can you please help me to recover my phone, i yesterday bought fire phone and tried to update the software and while it was doing it mistakenly something happened and update stopped and it went in boot mode, since then its in that mode. I tried to restart it and all, but still on same page.

    The options i am getting on screen in blue fonts as :

    1) reboot system now.
    2) Apply update form ADB.
    3) wipe data/ factory reset.
    4) wipe cache partition.

    I tried all of them but its of no use.

    Help me to start the phone.


  21. i cant update the ADB driver. get windows message says the hash for the file is not present in the speified file catalog. file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering. downloaded it twice, same result with both files

  22. hey root jumky i tried installing the driver for my fire 5th gen it worked fine but when i entered in the abd sideload on the device i get a driver error failed to install

  23. On my 5thG fire 5.1.1 i am trying to root. I got as far as – once the screen is black and says fastboot in the corner press any key. It does say fastboot I hit enter and it says
    finished time 0.00
    it then reboots but no root is accomplished
    What am I doing wrong

  24. Thank you for all your work…with your super tool, I was able to root my fire 5th gen. And install slim ROM..
    My question…is there any mod that will allow me to move apps and files to external SD card. My device says this is not supported.
    There’s a 32gb card installed gift empty while my internal storage is constantly alerting me with insufficient space messages..
    Is it possible to make external SD the default location?
    Any help that would point me in the right direction would be Brest appreciated.

    Mike O.

  25. Question…Just purchased a Amazon Fire 5th gen. Either came with or loaded Fire OS Can this be rooted? Or is this not possible at this time? Can you speak to this because I would love to root this device with some of the tools I have seen but I do not want to end up with a brick. I would appreciate any help and or advice you have to offer on the matter.
    Thanks for your help,

  26. I guess I need to clarify. I was trying to reply to ukgnome on 6/1/16 referring to flash fire opening for a second and closing. Root was successful for me. Everything is good except flash fire. xposed app is there but says the latest version of xposed is currently not active. Did you install the framework and reboot. Any tips on how to get flash fire up and goin? I have a 5th gen 7 inch. Side question can I update flash fire or nova launcher to prime through the tablet and App Store without messing anything up? Thanks again for everything!

  27. Hi Guys,

    It seems the super tool isn’t design for just yet, so rooting the fire tab is not doable. If someone has another way please let me know. I know other forums are not in favor or downgrading the OS due to bricking.
    I would love some update o this and thanks for all of the hard work you guys are doing.

    • at this time downgrading fire os 5.3.1 will hard brick the device and you will only have access to the preloader which we have no way of interfacing with it because Amazon locked it. We are just waiting for a new exploit to pop up that will work on new builds

      • Hey dude, have you made any progress with the firmware? I’m trying to instal Cynamogenmod on my device but from what I can make out, it’s currently not possible?

  28. Tried to uninstall and reinstall flash fire and still no luck. Still just opens for a second and then closes. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have a fix? Thanks

    • I am patiently waiting on that point, its so annoying that tablets dont just allow rooting with the correct certifications etc. I guess that would be a security issue, and monetary issue as well without people being forced to use these workarounds provided by dedicated people.
      One suggestion.
      I believe it would be wise to put a warning in the SuperTool, it says to downgrade if you dont have the right firmware, but downgrading 5.3.1/.0 will brick it according to everything I have read, so telling people to downgrade without that warning is kind of dangerous. Just thought I’d let you know in case you may have overlooked it. Thanks for all your work!

  29. @rootjunky really loving the new FireHD 8 (2016), just wish there was root, but using your supertool was able to install Google playstore, non of the other options worked. I hope at some point your able to support this device and achieve root.

  30. Just to confirm: we can root 5.3.1 (worked for me, thanks rootjunky!) but we still cannot load custom ROMs as the bootloader is still locked and cannot be downgrades, right?

  31. can anyone help me? im trying to install the google play on fire 5th gen OS using the 1-Install-Play-Store.bat but i’m getting this error.
    error: more than 1 device and emulator
    – waiting for device –
    error: protocol fault (status read)
    – waiting for device –
    pls. help

  32. Kindle 8, 6th Generation:
    Root: Not possible yet with any tool
    Google Play/Store –
    On 5.3.1 OS -> Via Rootjunky Script.
    On OS -> I dont know. I dont think it’s possible yet. You probably have to do a factory reset to move back to 5.3.1

  33. Hi rootjunky im Kashif from Pakistan age 22, I need your help urgently… I want to make my amazon fire 5.1 lolipop version. I hope you reply me soon. This is my whatsapp num +923133136137 Thanks. Regards your fan from pakistan Kashif Ali.

  34. Sweet!…I am looking forward to rooting! I already have gapps on…do you know the commands I have to use to switch the default launcher?

  35. One more question….I just watched your video on rooting the Fire 7″ 5th Gen…do you still recommend copying and deleting the Fire launcher on 5.3.1 as a way to change the default launcher, or would using the hide command under adb or from a terminal emulator be a better way to go?

  36. No concerns about your info being stolen and shipped to China? As much as fire os irritates me at times, I am extremely concerned about the risks and permissions it requires.

  37. Hey whats up guy? Hey I have 5.3.1 and rooted and installed playstore with the supertool but cannot get fastboot to load properly or flashfire app. When I do the fastboot and device mgr comes up it shows my kindle under TP-Link Android Phone as Android ADB Interface. I tried to install the android_winsub option and I did get USB Composite Device to show up in the list. Clicked on it and eventually said installed but when I ran the test there is no number before fastmode. If you have any feedback on what I need to differently please help. Thank you for all the work you do, I feel bad bothering you but I know of no other like you.

  38. Fire HD 8″ on sale Thanksgiving weekend (Black Friday +.) Many websites, forums & blogs listing as the best Black Friday Android Tablet bang for the buck. Expect 1000’s sold and shipped. A significant number of those buyers will have made the purchase hoping for a root solution. I hope this gives those with rooting expertise incentive to find a solution.

  39. I got strangest issue. My Fire came with 5.3.1.
    I successfully rooted it with SuperTool (via Kingroot). And then I tried installing slim rom, and bricked the tablet…
    So I downloaded “fire-OS-5.3.1-update-kindle-global-” and sideloaded it with ADB.
    Everything worked, but now it won’t let me root Tablet anymore! 🙁 Kingroot tried for over an hour and failed. Any ideas why I was able to root it before and not now?

  40. Hi,

    I have successfully rooted 2 Kindle Fire 7 wand th the Supertool so I ordered a couple more but unfortunately one came with FireOS and another with FireOS, I can’t root either of them. Any updates on how or when this will be possible please.

    Thanks in advance

  41. Parents sent me an early Christmas ? that being the Amazon fire HD 8 (6th generation), I’ve been looking into rooting it and was inquiring if there was any solution to rooting this version with OS 5.3.2.. So far, no luck. If anyone has any information on how to root if yet feasible, or once it is.. please, share your knowledge, show us your ways. Much appreciated!

  42. Thank you for all your hard work here. I am on Fire OS 5.1.1 and am unable flash TWRP image to enter TWRP recovery. I followed the instructions to the T and nothing. I get an error unknown command after tablet is in fastboot mode. Help

  43. 12-10-16
    Now, if you want to remove the ads, I would try the below posted “Free” method in quotes, short of having to pay to do it under “Manage Your Kindle” on Amazon, it’s the safest bet for now. I’m posting this because people are posting that you can do it, but without providing links for or instructions on how:

    “Disable the ads with ES File explorer. To do this-

    ES File Explorer

    Download and unlock the ES File explorer from Amazon app store. Make sure that your kindle fire is rooted, as without rooting, you can’t access the system files.
    Click on the “Homepage” button, which you will find at the top of the menu bar and which will take you to the quick access menu.
    Click, “/Device”. This option will directly take you to you to your device folders.
    Click on the “System” folder to unlock it. As, after the device folder, you have to ensure the system of the device.
    Now tap the “App” folder to access the apps.
    Now, click the “dctp_apk”, which contains the .apk file that controls all the ads on your Kindle fire HD.

    Simply tap the “dctp_apk.apk” file to choose it. When you will select the file, the button will change, which you can find it on the bottom menu bar.

    Click the “Rename”. You can find this button the right side of the menu bar which brings up a text field when a file is selected.

    Now rename the file as “dctp_apk.bat” and click OK. This will change the file properties of the app that controls the ads.

    Now, Kick starts your kindle fire HD without any ads barrier. If this method doesn’t work, then you can go for Kindle fire support to get required solutions for your Kindle fire HD.”

  44. I followed various methods trying to root a Fire & and eventually succeded. Great machine, at the price, when rooted.
    I purchased another three for various jobs/presents.
    The second one I tried to root (using prsviously successful method) bricked. I left the rooting process unattended at the end and I assumed that the failure was due to this (eg, my not choosing the correct option during the process)
    The third one I tried to root, paying close attention to th rooting instructions, bricked!
    Fortunately, because I placed two seperate orders, I can probably get the two bricked machines replaced.
    But I wonder if it would be worth trying to disconnect the battery in one of the machines?
    The machines screens do not light up and no changes when pressing ahy combination of power buttn and volume up or down. But when connected to a PC, th pc beeps while in device manager a MTK65 preloader entry can be seen for a few seconds. This occours about every 20 seconds. So there is obviously some communication between PC and tablet.
    Anyone got any ideas? I don’t mind breaking one machine.
    Or does anyone have the equipment/ability to investigate this fully and get some further understanding? I would gladly donate a bricked machine.
    Many thanks to rootjunkie for such an interesting site.

    • Would you please share the steps you followed to root the ?
      I cant seem to root mine with kingroot, while for 5.3.1 was pretty easy.

  45. Hello to All,
    I tried to downgrade my Kindle fire 5th gen from OS 5.1.3 to 5.1.1 and the result is totally not responsive device (i should read all the warnings before i did that ….)
    Now I can’t power up the device, also there is no result when i connect it with the factory cable. When i plug it to the USB i can hear the typical short sound for new device connection, but right after it get disconnected again.
    Please let me know if there is any way to restore the device.
    Thank you

  46. my fire tablet ( using mac
    iv downloaded the supper tool. when it gives me the options 1-8 i hit 1 to instal google play store i hit enter it then asks me for a password. i have no password on my device please help

    • The password you’re being prompted for isn’t the device password, it’s the password for your user account on your Mac. The upload procedure needs to run with elevated privileges, so needs you to type in your Mac password.

  47. I had a 5.3.1. Rooted it, tried to upgrade and bricked it. Used your way to unbrick, but accidentally sideloaded instead of 5.3.1. Am a screwed? or can I try to sideload 5.3.1?

  48. Hello.
    I gather that there is no solution for rooting Fire OS yet?
    Is a solution imminent?

  49. i thought i was going to be smart. i did a factory reset on mine and it rolled it back to then tried rooting but i guess it updated to during reboots. so frustrating.

    kindle fire 10 hd

  50. i need to re enable ota updates for the kindle fire 7, i cant even check what software i have, i either want a tool to check the software version of kindle, or i need to re enable ota updates.

  51. Hi,I have downgrded my Kindle Fire 5th generation the i clicked reboot(recovery of the tablet) but After It doesn’t turn on .
    The battery work and I tested It with a a funny and a Bluetooth stereo (Battery internal of the Fire).
    I santi know why the tablet doesn’t turn on id touch know please tellina me about.Thansk

  52. Hi,I have downgraded my Kindle Fire 5th generation then I clicked reboot(recovery of the tablet) but after It doesn’t want turn on .
    The battery work and I tested It with a fun and with a Bluetooth stereo (Battery internal of the Fire work 100%).
    I don’t know why the tablet doesn’t turn on ,if you know about please tell me What I have to do.Sorry for my another messagge but I had been using Italian keyboard .

  53. Are you going to do any work on rooting fire 5th gen tablet using I would like to root it but i cant find any help with this operating system.

  54. I have successfully used the root tool and all is fine, but now I cannot remember whether my firmware is 5.1.1 or 5.1.2 and the update function does not work of course because I have disabled updates. Is there any way for me to tell? Is there maybe an app to install that will read the firmware version? Thanks much.

  55. Hi there!

    Just rooted 3 5th gen Fire tablets!

    Question: why does a reboot take 10-15 minutes. It feels like it is “trying” to update the firmware but it can’t because I blocked updates with the SuperTool. Is there a way to get the reboot time to just a minute or 2?

    Thanks in advance!

  56. I have a fire hd 8 7 gen and i install googleplay store and all that crap and now is not letme connect whit my amazon account i manuall update the softwer but dident solv the problem steel not let me conect whit the account

  57. Bearing in mind that i am a noob, i have a question. My amazon fire which i got in 2015 started stopping at the logo in 2016 and since then i pretty much gave up on it. Recently i decided to try again. I googled further on it and got some advice to do a cache partition wipe. I did that from recovery mode and it showed formatting/cache. Since i have never wiped the cache of my tablet, it took a very long time (about 3 hours) and i fell asleep with it on that screen. I awoke to find a black tablet that wasn’t responding to anything. What can i do?


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