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1. first thing to learn on any device is how to restore it when you mess it up.
2. read read read. you need to research until you understand what you are doing.
3. at some point you will soft brick your device. when this happens dont freak out.
4. as long as it still does something even turns on at all there is still a fix for it.

Now Start watching some videos


LG G4 Unboxing and First Impressions

Video Camera footage

How to wipe data factory reset the LG G4

LG G4 Root for all models

LG G4 KDZ firmware restore

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63 thoughts on “LG G4”

  1. Hello,
    A friend from USA send me his LG G5 and it come with Google Account lock, i ask to him, but he tld me he dont remember, how can i bypass that lock if its posible.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Need assistance with FRP bypass on LG G4 (T-Mobile) H81120R (2017-01-01) . Looks like the latest patch has disabled all 2015/2016 FRP bypass workarounds shown on RootJunky / Youtube, etc.

    I have tried LG Flash Tools but it can’t upload to phone on any COM port.
    LG UP shows the device as Unknown.

    Really need your help with this one.


  3. Ive watched alot of your videos but this has got me stumped. I have a LGMS345, FCC ID: ZNFH345 and its the only phone that ive been working on for over a month now trying to break the FRP Google lock. It has a different setup then most G4 series that ive seen. Can you please help me out here. Will you email me when and if you get a chance to figure it out for me please.

  4. Please help I have tried the Factory reset and it still comes up the device has rest please login with google account previously synced to this account. I enter the information from my google account and it goes right back to the same this device has been reset screen. What do I do?

  5. hi! i have LGMP260 that is FRP can someone plezzzz tell me how to remove,For ive tried pretty much everything that i found researching the web/.youtube . nothing has worked so far!!????Thank you

  6. I have a verizon LG G4 that was factory reset it is asking for the original users login. I tried following your video but my setup wizard does not show the accessibility option

  7. Hi Mr. RJ.

    Donations are one of my specialties when it comes to what you do. I’m Having an issue with an LG G4 K20. I’ve watched the video and I’m getting stuck on policies part and the software won’t download from your site. I can’t get to unknown sources nor any security features to enable. please help if you can I’d appreciate it very much sir. thank you very much. Hash tag Donation?

  8. Rootjunky… taking a log shot here. 1st. I am still using a verizon thunderbolt which I was able to root and hotspot around the need to control company. I purchased a verizon version lg g4 with the hope of doing the same… some years back. I worked and worked but came to the understanding that it”s marshmallow os blocks this attempt. So I thought, try to load lollypop but that exhausted me also. I put it away and continued to use the thunderbolt because it can be hotspoted . I know I can pay for that from verizon!!!! but it goes against what I feel is a service of the phone>> not verizon. Is it still a waste of time to try again???

  9. Hi RJ,
    I have the same LG G4 GLOBAL version H815 you did a youtube video on how to root….
    The links you referred to no longer support the required downloads….
    is there anywhere I can go to today to find them.
    Thank you,


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