Motorola Moto E

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Motorola Moto E

Root recovery roms and much more

How to enter stock android recovery

1. power off the device or if boot looping hold power button for 20 seconds to turn it off.
2. press and hold both volume up and down then hold power also for 3 seconds then release all three buttons
3. This is the bootload mode on this screen press volume down until you highlight recovery then press volume up to select
4. on the android guy screen again press and hold both volume buttons for 5 seconds then press power once and you will be in stock android recovery on the moto G

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How to Factory reset your Motorola Moto E with stock recovery

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Super easy root and recovery install on the Motorola Moto E

How to install CM11 rom on the Motorola Moto E

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47 thoughts on “Motorola Moto E”

  1. Ok,

    Finally got it. Through a combo of tips here and an incredibly useful ADB command

    content insert –uri content://settings / secure –bind name: s: user_setup_complete –bind value: s: 1

    (from an XDA thread

    That removed FRP and I could set it up as a new phone.

    I still couldn’t use your rooting tool, I could send ADB commands while the phone was in normal mode, but when I booted into recovery (adb reboot recovery) it went to stock recovery and I couldn’t communicate with adb then.

    So, I rooted with kingoroot, then used a script from xda to replace it with supersu (I don’t like the crap kingoroot does in the background)

    Now I have a rooted device with supersu, but I now need TWRP, shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Come to think of it, that might have been a terminal command, I don’t recall for sure. I’d been trying to hack this phone on and off for days. I finally stumbled onto that command over at xda, tried it (after finally using exploits to open a dialer, then the reset code (*#*#4636#*#*) going to ‘battery’, then back to the settings menu, which finally let me activate dev options.)

    Once USB debugging is on, it’s a done deal. I just need to learn ADB better.

    Thanks again Tom for your great videos, instructions, and dedication and passion to the craft. I was ready to shelve this project until I found one of your videos. Next time I’ll just start at rootjunky. It’ll save me much time and frustration.

    Steven Peterson
    Aspiring Android developer and recovering Windows expert.

  3. I can’t set “Developer Mode” on my Boost Mobile Moto E. I know the basic process of going to “Settings” -> “About Phone” -> and tapping a number of times (4, 7, 10, 12 times etc) on “Build Number” but this is not working for me. I am in the phone as User: “Owner” and I don’t have any accessibility options like magnifier turned on. Is there another way, or am I missing something, or do they have that locked out somehow, and if that’s the case, is there a way around this? Thanks in advance for any and all help.

  4. This Moto E FRP on verizons handset is a touch nut to crack. Ive spent countless hours over the last two months hacking away on it with no luck.

  5. hello sir.i have to unlock my bootloader from my moto e 2nd gen.then again i have root and after that i have put a jio sim on my this phone,thats time my screen (worning unlocked bootloader)screen stay.and not anything happen .so afterthat i have to recovery mode and wipe all data afterthat when i restart my phone then show me no OS instaled.afterthat i have instal a android 6.0,afterthat one android guy show my screen.its bling 1 day nothing happen.afterthat i have again instal some stock rom.afterthat my phone is show me BOOT UP FAILD.afterthat i have doing something then now my phone did not show me RECOVERY kindly help me and what i do plz suggest me.

  6. Has anyone managed to bypass frp on Moto e xt1528? I’ve seen a single video of it being done, however it must have happened on a early firmware because I can get to the settings -> build info and tapping it does NOT unlock dev options. I’m to the point where I can install *some* apks (have to be smaller than 10mb) so I’ve got term emu installed… Manually typing in the Motorola content URI yields nothing but crashes. I’m TestDPC doesn’t get it done either….

  7. Hello sir, I need a help!!!
    I recently unlocked my bootloader(Moto xt1506 is to pressing power key and shown on fastboot mode then pressing vol.up key to normal power up then mobile will be start and then power off and again power on to shown only fast booot mode

  8. Hey RootJunky, trying to remove lock screen ads on what says it’s a ‘Moto E4,’ Build number is NPQS26.69-64-2. I don’t know much about phones, any guidance you could offer would be very helpful.

  9. I’m kinda a new to all this, I’ve been interested in learning for awhile now but never had a spare phone to mess with and figure it out, until a couple of weeks ago, (I am a electrician by trade and I work a service truck for a contractor) I had built a computer in my service truck, built it in a way it was integrated in the interior of the van not really noticeable there was one except for the screen. when The president of the company saw it, he gave me a big box full of tablets and Motorola cell phones that once was used in the field. Now iv got something to learn on.. from driod maxx to a droid 2, g4’s, g6’s and e4’s, anyway i started with the e4, downloaded firmware, found a web page with the list of commands, it was taking some and rejecting others, jumping back and forth between the webpage and command prompt I was getting frustrated with that bootloader rejecting some of the files, the idea came to me that i had already flashed the bootloader and if booted into it, it wouldn’t reject its own files, so i reach down to the phone scroll up to reboot bootloader pressed the power button she went black and wont do anything else. my question is is there anyway to get it in a state to be able to minipulate the files again. so when you get through laughing can you give me any ideas other than stay away from android i would appreciate any advice,

    • you should really check out if you are interested in learned a lot about smartphones. also sounds like you hard bricked that device and will need a blank flash file to fix it.


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