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  • Holding the reset button for about 1 second while on opens the settings
  • Holding the reset button for about 10 seconds while on restarts the watch
  • Holding the reset button for about 15 seconds while on turns off the watch
  • Holding the reset button for about 1 second while off starts the watch
  • Holding the reset button with a pen from the powered off state. As soon as you see the LG logo touch the screen on the TOP LEFT and BOTTOM RIGHT at the same time and keep taping. you will see the bootloader screen as soon as you do stop pushing the reset button with the pen and you are in bootloader mode. Now you can boot to recovery or fastboot flash your device. Also unlock the bootloader.
  • If you select recovery you will boot to a android guy with his back open. Press the top left and bottom right again to get to the recovery options
  • To Navigate recovery swipe up and down to move and left to right to select

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  1. Hi Rootjunky!
    This is about the LG G5 but i can’t seem to find any useful up-to-date information about bypassing google FRP.
    Was just wondering if its still possible, if you could help me i would be forever thankful to you!!

  2. I Install twrp but when i go to twrp -> reboot -> system > no os .. < / and i unlock the bootloader

    how i can install rom 6.0.1 with twrp ?


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