HTC One M9

HTC One M9

How to enter bootloader / Aboot mode on the HTC One M9

1. Power Off the device.

2. From the powered off state hold volume up and down then power buttons until device boots into Aboot then release all buttons.

3. From Aboot you can navigate to recovery and many other options.


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  1. use talkback to get to talkback settings, go to help and chose the first section which should me about smart switch (has youtube video) go to open the video, but instead click the share button at the top right of the video and when it give you share options, long-press the gmail icon. on the top right again, choose the 3 dots and choose manage accounts and it should lead you to the system settings. from there, disable account manager in the security section, then in app settings, show system apps, choose google play services, in the storage section wipe cache and data, then disable it and go back to the main menu and find setup wizard and do the same thing. after try rebooting 3 or 4 times, letting it fully start each time. and if that didnt work try doing a factory reset FROM THE OPTIONS MENU so it registers as a legit format and the frp wont relock itself. if this fails to unlock the frp, try again but dont disable anything , just empty cache and managed space, rollback any updates then reboot a couple times followed by a factory reset. just finished rooting my m9 canadian that
    i had accidently tripped the frp on (derp)
    figured out this solution through trial and error and mix and matching different parts of different frp tricks for different devices lol. good luck

  2. i instal img NOUGAT-SENSE_NRD90M_release-keys y bricked my one m9. my display color black say: htc
    download mode
    mht_himaulatt PVT S-ON
    Sep 7 2015,23:04:14(591203)
    system info
    show barcode
    reboot to bootloader
    reboot to download mode
    power down
    and down letter yelow
    security warning……….
    FILE /mnt*/media_rwext_sd/
    File NOT FOUND
    i can not recovery mode for install venom 3.5 y viperone rom i my had device
    if key mode recovery say: failed to boot to recovery mode
    Press volume up or down to back to menu…
    reboot to bootloader NO, then display white
    boot to download mode NO, then display black with letter red blue yellow before
    power down : power down

  3. my htc one m9 is bricked, i have downloaded all the necessary files. I have downloaded the image and changed it to whatever.img. I have the the stuff what i cant seem to find is how to put the trwp file where and what is supposed to be on the sd card. I have been reading and trying to no avail. and the more i reads the more confused i get. I have unlocked with s off. When in doubt read about is how I have managed thru life. Divorce taught me lots. I’m a jack of a lot of trades but not a master of those trades. Do they make unbricking for dummies? I have downloaded on my computer the android studio with the sdk tools at least that much and as far i got. i also have the stock ruu for the htc, as well as the drivers for the computer. I have downloaded the image changed the name as instructed. But it comes in a zip file, so do I unzip it or just change the name with it still being unzipped or unzip then rename the file? then do I drag it to the sd card or where so i can use the commands? The white screen shows up but so when i insert the sd card so it can do its thing , it says no smart sd found. I also formatted the card to exfat but haven’t tried it. So it has brought me to you with given up hope and 2 weeks straight with trying to understand this. so I give up! after a long fight. can you walk me thru over the phone. or even send it to you pay you for a walk thru on the phone. Even do a remote thru the computer anything!!

  4. please help me on bypassing the verification my mom gave me the phone as a gift and i already messed it up. Help please! 🙁

  5. Hello, mI am in serious need of a google account frp bypass for the htc one m9 (sprint) i cant seem to find one anywhere. I have tried the frp otg method using the samsung app with no success.. please help.. the phone was supposed to be an X-mas gift.

  6. Does ANYONE know, or know a link, that will walk me through a MANUAL root? i.e. through the CLI in linux to manually inject su binary or something of the sorts….it appears that nobody does (google’d to the 15th page)


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