Nexus Player

Nexus Player



Google’s Nexus Player and Android TV ADT-1 are both really awesome Media Streaming devices but if you want to get even more out of them then you have come to the right place. you can see that since these devices are from google that are easily unlocked and rooted. please check out the rooting video below. if you would like to pick up one of these cool devices from Google click HERE

Google Nexus Player unboxing

Google Android TV Developer Kit Surprise

Nexus Player Setup and Overview


How to install CM12.1 on the Nexus Player TV


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4 thoughts on “Nexus Player”

  1. Hey, I am trying to find the Android 5.0 update for ADT-1 Player. I have had little fortune in doing so. I noted your video on how to do the OTA type update. Can this be done on the ADT-1?

    Or is there an Android 5.0 Package our there for this device (ADT-1)

    Please share your thoughts and direction.


  2. I had a Samsung Galaxy Y Gt-S5360,[Indian Firmware] I loved that device because It had many many Roms on the XDA page and It taught me many android things (Rooting , Roms, Making Apps, changing kernels …a lot more )


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