LG G Pad 8.3

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LG G Pad 8.3 Rom Install Tips
1.  The First thing you need to do before you hack your device is research research research. if you dont you will at some point brick your device. 95% of bricks can be fixed but is a pain to do.
2.  How to enter Stock Android recovery from a powered off state. This can also be used to enter custom recovery from the powered off state or if in a bootloop.
– Press and hold Power Button + Volume Down
– When the LG logo shows up, release the power button only
– Now press and hold the Power and Volume Up button while keeping your hold on the Volume Down button
– When the factory reset screen appears, release your hold on all buttons
– Follow On Screen Indications
3.  How to enter download Mode to restore your device from your computer with LG tools
– With Device Powered Off And Unplugged
– Press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down
– Now Plugg In USB Cable

LG G Pad 8.3 unbrick restore and factory reset

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How to root the LG G Pad 8.3

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13 thoughts on “LG G Pad 8.3”

  1. hi guys

    i have a rooted lg gpad 8.3 and i want to install cwm recovery on it but the only problem i have is that i have a Macbook pro.
    what should i do?

    • my thing is, how did you unlock the bootloader? Mine has updated to 6.0 and I was going to revert back to 5 but was wondering if anybody has unlocked the bootloader and how. LG aint no help.

  2. I would like to get cyanomogen mod in my gpad but there is a problem…the problem is that i usually use miracast on the tablet and after installing cyanomogen miracast will get deleted(right?).i would not be able to install it because its actually only placed the settings or in the notification bar. And also, what about the internal apps? How will i het them back?

  3. I want to be able to flash custom roms on my g pad, so i know that it needs to be rooted to do that. Well I rooted it a few months ago with the towelroot release for the gs5, and that worked fine, but then verizon rolled out the ota 4.4.2 update for the g pad, but i couldn’t get it due to an error. I tried a lot of different things, and recently I read that you could return it to factory specs using the LG mobile support tool and using the “upgrade recovery” option. Well I ran it and somehow it upgraded to 4.4.2, and now whenever I run one of the root programs from your videos or ioroot it doesn’t work. Please help.

  4. Hi,I need a help.My LG v500 was bricked and now no signs of life.Buttons dead,connected to PC,but no life.I tried to upgrade cyanomogen roms,at all pc wrote upgraded succesfully, but now can’t start it.
    Any idea ?

  5. I have an lg G pad 8.3 Vk810 Verizon LTE, I have currently android lollipop 5.0.2 and I want to install an custom rom, like cyanomogen 12 rom or Marshmellow 6.0. But first i need to unlock the OEM Unlocking, but theres no button to toggle in Developer options.
    Ive tried to factory reset it to android version 4.4.2 kit-kat, but will not reset back to original Rom!
    I’ve tried several tutorials from Youtube and still no Luck on trying to get this device Rooted or Unlocked.
    I need someone to give me some more info on what i should do next or should i just give up on trying to Mod this LG G Pad 8.3 Tablet??

  6. Can anyone please help me with FRP lock on LG V530 ? i looked everywhere from last few weeks, this forum seems to be the only hope now

  7. Man this v530 is being very stubborn it seems I only have download mode and Fast boot i have tried multiple times to perform, press and hold the Power and Volume Up button while keeping your hold on the Volume Down button. all it does is boot into the tablet, i have checked the buttons all function correctly. have you come across this? i also have used adb but again i only get fast boot. it is rooted and i have “installed twrp” but cannot get into recovery to use twrp. any insight will be greatly appreciated.

  8. my LG V930..Gpad X 10.1 sim slot has been permanently locked since i failed all 10 attempts to find the unlock code…..please help me find a solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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