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Amazon Kindle Fire Rom Install Tips
1.  Learn how to use the kindle fire utility or KFU. It can do many use full things to the fire like install a custom recovery and rooting the device, also installs FIRE FIRE FIRE which gives you a boot menu. 
2.  Read the best Kindle Fire guide ever. Link Kindle Fire Guide For Beginners
3.  How to install a custom Rom like CM10 you are going to enter a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM. then make a nandroid backup. Next Wipe data, cache, & dalvik cache. Now install / flash the rom zip and gapps then reboot, thats it.
4.  Bricked your Kindle Fire? Stuck on the kindle fire screen? Buy a Factory cable from ebay which will boot you into fastboot and you will be able to use KFU to flash FFF and TWRP then restore it. 

How to install KFU and TWRP recovery on the  Amazon Kindle Fire

How to install FIRE FIRE FIRE on the Amazon Kindle Fire

How to root the Amazon Kindle Fire plus install Go Launcher

How to install Jelly Bean 4.2.2 on the Amazon Kindle Fire

How to factory restore the Amazon Kindle Fire

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  1. hi, i have a problem I did everything and it seemed like it worked but when I boot it up it gets stuck on the cyanogen logo page when booting up so did I do something wrong that cause this?? i followed this video :[url][/url] what can i do in this cases?

    i installed “cm-10.1-20130724-1413-otter-sgt7” and gap “gapps-jb-20130301-signed” in twrp: in a kindle fire first generation 1 v.6.3.3(2011)

  2. If only the KFU ACTUALLY WORKED! It never reads my Kindle, and even when I install the ADB drivers, it won’t install properly. It just keeps waiting for the device! I’ve spent FIVE HOURS trying to just get this piece of retarded shit to work for fucking Dropbox! IT should NOT be this goddamn difficult!

  3. I was happily rooting my new cheap kindle 7 5thGen, when I got stuck on fastboot like everyone else who got updated to 5.1.1. Now that this has happened and knowing that I can’t downgrade, is there anything else that works? Will CM work without fastboot??


  4. Thanks. That is what I was afraid would be the case. I’ll just have to steal (or trade with) my wife’s. Hers is a Christmas present and hasn’t been hit with the OTA update yet. I’m sure she’ll understand.

    Just curious though, what exactly did Amazon do in the update that caused this?

    Thanks again for the reply.

  5. i have 5.1.1 on this fire i just got – i have the play store….but im unable to find a launcher that will work? does anyone know of anything i can do to set a new default launcher? i can’t seem to find a way to over right the amazon one….

  6. the the $35 amazon fire 5th deal, adb seems to work fine, drivers are loaded correctly on my laptop. i can traverse the tab fine via adb shell (ls -la, cd commands). the fire_root.bat script runs and does the ‘adb reboot bootloader’, and then after my tab reboots to FASTBOOT mode, my laptop disconnects and then the fastboot command from the script sits ‘waiting for device’. i dont think script is bullet proof. i have the amazon 5.0.1 fire 7 tab too.

  7. Howdy,
    Thanks for all the great work you have done for us 5th gen fire users. I did the slimlp ROM with the picogapps mod you outlined in your YouTube video. Everything worked great! Only one problem though. When I register the kindle app the device never shows up on the amazon website and I cannot longer download my books like I can on my other devices

  8. Hey there!! Thanks much for your instructional on youtube and your supertool, i had a great time rooting my 5th gen and am enjoying the root access on the device..

    I have a request though, would you have a guide on expanding the internal memory of the device? I have read some articles on how i can use the sd card to create a partition to ‘extend’ my internal memory but cant seem to find any concise instructions..

    Happy new year too!

  9. I’m on Windows 10. My command prompt always gives me “system cannot find path specified”. I have downloaded latest Android SDK and Windows SDK. I had to unhide AppData folders too. But still no luck getting command prompt to find platform tools or tablet.

  10. Not trying to root the old Fire tablet, just trying to get play store installed. I’ve run all the files and cannot get it to log in. Consistent, Google play services has stopped error.

  11. In the 5th Generation Super Tool, the command under option 6 root device, “fastboot.exe oem append-cmdline “androidboot.unlocked_kernel=true” doesn’t actually work. I’ve tried lots of different syntax similar to this, including replacing oem append-cmdline with reboot -c in the hopes that it would work. I’ve tried to rewrite the /default.prop file with and, but I can’t write the files. I have no idea how to get past the line to unlock the kernel. Once I’m past that part, the rest should be easy, but because the above command is failing, the subsequent command “adb remount” also fails with a permission denied error. Anyone have any idea what to do about the fastboot oem append-cmdline “androidboot.unlocked_kernel=true” failure?

    I’m on Kindle Fire OS 5.1.1 and my product is “THEBES”

    Just so everyone knows, I am completely clear on how to run fastboot and adb and all that. I can successfully get into fastboot and commands work as expected, except for the one above. Everything else seems to be fine. I suspect that Amazon changed the bootloader or kernel options and now fastboot oem append-cmdline isn’t a valid fastboot command.

  12. Hi Rootjunky, ive got a household of kindle’s 5th gen which ive been able to successfully install google play thanks to you and it works perfectly. i also have an amazon kindle fire hd version 7.5.1_user_5174320 obviously it doesn’t have dev options so am i right in thinking i would need to root the device first or is it just a case that i wouldn’t be able to install google play on this device?

  13. Somehow Amazon updated OTA to 5.1.2. No root access anymore. Can still access play store but supersu no longer granted access, Nova cannot be primary launcher. Luckily I can still access all google aps. I had blocked OTA with super tool, not sure how those fuc^ers hacked into my tablet. Any suggestions?

    • Same thing happened to mine. Researching now to figure it out. My tablet seems to work fine for now. Can use google, gmail, and appstore. I have not tried to download books or music yet. Hoping there will be a fix soon?

  14. Same exact situation here Derek. I tried to disable the horrible kindle launcher through adb, but no luck. Can’t do much with out root access. Any help with 5.1.2 would be great!

  15. Hi. So I have 5th gen 7″ Fire tablet that I’ve rooted following your tutorial and everything worked great. But the last few days I’ve had problems with it connecting to my WiFi network. It just cycles through but never connects. At first I could get it to connect by either rebooting or swithing between my router and my router extender. But now nothing seems to do the trick. I don’t know if it’s related but I’ve recently switched from an Arris gateway model TG1682G provides by xfinity to a netgear N600 cable modem router. All of my other devices connect just fine. If anybody has any answers I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

  16. My 5th gen 7″ tablet also updated to Fire OS 5.1.2. Will the SuperTool work with 5.1.2? If it does what is the process for rooting using SuperTool on Windows. When I chose “root” I was given two choices. In what order do I perform them? Do I do both?

  17. i tried to install cyanogenmod on my 5th generation kindle fire.but it stuck on bootloop and my recovery also not me out.

  18. My stock oct 2015 fire 7 experienced charging problems (probably 5th charging cycle) then became stuck in recovery loop (gray Amazon boot logo/no orange fire). Can I use adb side load option to return to stock? What if computer dosen’t recognize? Thanks!

  19. I just got a kindle fie and it had 5.1.1. I was about to root it and it resarted and tried doing a system update. Is there a way to stop this. everytime I try to turn it on it goes into the updating system screen… am I screwed?

  20. Hi, great app and thanks for the instruction videos… big help! anyways, kept having problems with your super tool script where it would just quit. Quickly fount that if i went to Task Manager and then to Details, i would have two adb.exe processes running. One process would say under Status “running” the other would say “suspended.” If i killed the process that is suspended, the script would continue as normal and finish the commands. hope this helps you refine your script or others having same problem. thanks again!


  22. Hello,
    I have a kindle fire 7″. After bought the kindle fire I root the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on Kindle Fire. But one day when kindle fire opens and switch the power button open TWRP and carelessness I will delete all file from kindle fire. Now there are no data on kindle fire except TWRP installed. Next, when I connect the kindle fire to PC by USB cable my PC (I use Windows 10) don’t found kindle fire device.
    Now how can I do? Please give me solution rootjunky and all friends.

  23. I just got a fire 7 5th gen with fire os with the intent on using your tool. as soon as it hit the internet it updated to I went ahead and ran the tool for the ads and play store and all is well (ads are still there though) play store works. Do you think its safe to go further or do you need time to play with the new os update? I really want to get rid of bloatware to clean up home screen and maybe change the launcher. what should I do? I’d hate to try it and brick the POS.

    Great job on the tool! worked smooth with installing play store

  24. Downgraded to 5.3.1, was able to install an updated copy of KingRoot via supertool, but everything falls apart after that point:

    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    [*] Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your tablet
    [*] This script will install kingroot to get root access then
    [*] replace it with superSU app.
    press a key to contine
    [*] installing Kingroot app now
    6800 KB/s (17088854 bytes in 2.454s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/Kingroot.apk
    [*] app installed
    [*] open kingroot app on the Amazon Fire tablet then try and get root
    [*] access. The device may reboot and try a couple times.
    [*] If it fails just reboot the device then open kingroot and try again.
    [*] press and key to remove kingroot and install supersu once
    [*] kingroot has working root access.
    [*] pushing files to the device
    push: apps\mrw/Superuser.apk -> /sdcard/mrw/Superuser.apk
    push: apps\mrw/su -> /sdcard/mrw/su
    push: apps\mrw/ -> /sdcard/mrw/
    push: apps\mrw/busybox -> /sdcard/mrw/busybox
    push: apps\mrw/.DS_Store -> /sdcard/mrw/.DS_Store
    5 files pushed. 0 files skipped.
    6118 KB/s (7971852 bytes in 1.272s)
    [*] please grant root access on your device to ADB shell
    —- Thanks @Chainfire for SuperSU —-
    rm: /system/app/Kinguser.apk: No such file or directory
    rm: /data/data/com.cafeteam.user: No such file or directory
    rm: /data/data/com.kingroot.RushRoot: No such file or directory
    rm: /data/data/com.kingroot.kinguser: Directory not empty
    rm: /data/data/com.kingroot.master: No such file or directory
    chattr: stat /system/bin/ddexe: No such file or directory
    rm: /system/bin/ddexe: No such file or directory
    chattr: stat /system/bin/ No such file or directory
    rm: /system/bin/ No such file or directory
    pkg: /sdcard/mrw/superuser.apk
    chattr: stat /system/usr/iku/isu: No such file or directory
    rm: /system/usr/iku: No such file or directory
    rm: /dev/reportroot: No such file or directory
    chattr: stat /system/etc/ No such file or directory
    the screen freezers here just close it and restart the device
    after making sure that supersu app has been opened and updated
    rm: /system/app/Kinguser: No such file or directory
    rm: /system/app/Cafeuser: No such file or directory
    rm: /data/data-lib/king: No such file or directory
    rm: /sdcard/Cafeuser: No such file or directory
    Error type 3
    Error: Activity class {eu.chainfire.supersu/eu.chainfire.supersu.MainActivity} does not exist.

  25. I’m having problems on the latest for the amazon fire 7 (2015) i have 3 and 1 was fine after i downgraded to 5.3.1 but the second one i am rooting is constantly stuck on the verify root status screen. Initially worked but failed at 70% then now it won’t go back in. I even went and found the latest kingroot 4.9.6 and installed as well. ideas?

  26. Hello,
    Thank you for the very useful tool and guidance.
    I have KF with OS 5.1.3 which i’ve rooted. I tried to flash the original rom afterwards with the ADB sideload as described in the video. After completion i press the power button to restart the system …. and the screen went blank. Now i can’t power up the device, neither i’m able to enter system restore menu by pressing power+volume down. I will appreciate any advice how to bring up to life again.

  27. Same here.. I have just got the kindle fire with I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 active.. a rca rct6773w22b stuck in boot loop and a gigaset qv830 that I am now scared to brick… all I want is root for christmas… help me root junky… plZzzz

  28. I have a 5th gen run and I’m trying to downgrade the firmware so I can root and put on a better android operating system could you tell me exactly what tools and loaders I will need…????

  29. os will brick if u downgrade no root access found at time .
    Im sure our hero root junky is on the case just give him and his buddies time then ill be on it as i have same prob
    just ready to go just king root fails at 70
    the force is strong with this kindle os…

  30. come on root junky you the man…. sick of ads and the amazon way.
    supertool is missing os when that appears ill know you cracked it
    Power to the people.

  31. Hoping that root will be here soon for had a custom ROM but had to reinstall fire OS because of bugs. Now stuck with Fire OS 🙁

  32. Didn’t do my research – tried to downgrade from and I think I hard bricked my Fire. It won’t even boot into recovery and does the thing where if it’s connected to the PC it connects every so often for 2-3 seconds and then disappears. Guess this one is done!

  33. Just trying to root up some Kindle fire baby, would love it if KingRoot would get past 70% root before giving up on me what a quitter! Kindle seems like a big mistake why did I upgrade again?

  34. I have run your script for the 5 gen fire to allow google play store. All goes well, I get a list of 4 scripts to run, I think #1 goes well and when I try to run the # 2″install google play store”, I go to a blank script screen and nothing. I tried waiting 5 minutes on the screen but still nothing. Any suggestions?

  35. Hi, I’ve tried to get kingroot to root my kindle running 5.3.1 ,but it just won’t root. It gets to around 70% and fails over and over. I even tried the latest version 5.0.3…. Thoughts? I thought if I kept it at 5.3.1 Kingroot would work.

  36. I tried to root my Kindle Fire 7 (4th Generation) running FireOS using KingRoot 5.0.5 about 10 times, but no luck. This XDA article ( says I can downgrade to FireOS 5.3.1 from 5.3.2 and use SuperTool to root, but no mention of Another XDA article ( says to downgradee to 4.5.3 for KingRoot to work. Too many options to try. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

  37. Hi Root Junky
    My name is Bill , I didn’t do enough research either…. I tried to roll back5.3.2.1 and I hard bricked my device. I believe that the latest is 5.3.3 , can that be rooted or rolled back ??
    I want to get another one , I hope I can return this one.

  38. Hello Root Junky , and thank you for all your work on the kindle fire 5th.
    I did not research enough …. tried to roll back to 5.3.1 from Ouch! Hard Brick.
    hopefully I can return it. I still want to try though , I am thinking of buying another one , can anything be done with 5.3.3 the newest ??

  39. Hi
    Kindle fire HDX 3rd gen.
    stuck on encryption unsuccessful, reset tablet does not work.
    got a fastboot cable but all I get is a black screen when turning on.
    ADB drivers installed. windows 7 o/s on pc.
    tried running ADB, it list devices but says offline

  40. I have a Fire HD 3rd Generation, firmware, and want to root it and eventually set it up with Dual Boot and TWRP.

    This model does not have a microSD slot but it refers to it’s available free memory as being 3.3 GB when connected by USB to a Mint Linux laptop.

    I’m new to Kindle Fire models, does this have accessible internal memory that can be increased? It sometime refers to a SD location but I can’t find it if there is such a place.

    My long term plan is to use it as a Ebook reader (epub and/or mobi) and an audio book player (for *.mp3 or maybe *.ogg audio files) that can communicate via bluetooth with my hearing aids via an intermediate device (Compilot II dongle). That bluetooth link it has now has been tested with *.mp3 files and is working fine now.

    It will not be used with an amazon account or for any only purchases from amazon or google.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions,


  41. please help
    my amazon fire 5th generation stopped working
    when i installed cyanogenmood and then i tried to turn on the device but it doesn’t
    when i connect it by usb i found preloader mtxxx
    please i don’t know what i do

  42. Hello,

    I have a Fire 5th gen with 5.3.1 and installed CM12.1 a few months ago with the help of Supertool.
    Everything work fine. Suddenly after a reboot its stuck in the bluewhite CM bootlogo. Reset didnt help.
    Recovery menu works. I looked around at xda and others and the only way seems to start up from scratch.
    Is that right or is there a better way to fix this issue?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions,


  43. Hi, I tried to downgrade my kindle fire 7 5th gen it was at version 5.4.0. I side loaded firmware and it won’t respond now to power button. Can you give me some advise where to look. I have seen some tutorial for 4th gen with python scripts which I got the handshake working but the didn’t respond with anything. So seems there is some life in there but obly in the preloader

  44. hey if anyone can help me thatd be really cool. when i open the supertool, it recognizes my device but then after that, the computer shuts the supertool down without going to the real supertool screen.

  45. Hey, I have a Kindle Fire first gen (2011) with the 6.3.4 update, i need help because when i try to use KFU, it doesnt discover my device….please if someone can help me id really appreciate it.

  46. I have Tried every video from every rooter “expert” (here and elsewhere) and still can’t root my Kindle 6.3.4. Without having to become an IT Specialist/Expert, which UTILITIES works (for Kindle 6.3.4) and on which Computers – I have a XP Operating system. Where do I get the Utilities – I have downloaded Utilities with the same names as shown here but when I extract them the files aren’t the same as the ones shown here? Are there any simple “do this,” and then “do that” instructions without all the hype instruction videos? Especially that explain which utilities to use and where to download them from?

  47. Hi dude,

    I have a problem with my amazon kindle fire 7 5th generation. A year ago I tried to factory restore it but didn’t wake up… I plug it in, start charging, turn on and then when the amazon logo appears, it reboots over and over again. What can I do? I don’t know if it’s bricked or something like that. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

  48. Hi,
    My kid have a kindle fire with cyanogenmod. A week ago it started to boot-loop. In recovery mode when i try to connect tab to system (pc) for installing new rom, pc doesn’t recognizes it (mass storage mode) i tried on multiple cables and pc but no success. If theres a way to solve this problem please advise.
    Omer Javed


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