Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Rom Install Tips
1.  Learn how to use the kindle fire utility or KFU. It can do many use full things to the fire like install a custom recovery and rooting the device, also installs FIRE FIRE FIRE which gives you a boot menu. 
2.  Read the best Kindle Fire guide ever. Link Kindle Fire Guide For Beginners
3.  How to install a custom Rom like CM10 you are going to enter a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM. then make a nandroid backup. Next Wipe data, cache, & dalvik cache. Now install / flash the rom zip and gapps then reboot, thats it.
4.  Bricked your Kindle Fire? Stuck on the kindle fire screen? Buy a Factory cable from ebay which will boot you into fastboot and you will be able to use KFU to flash FFF and TWRP then restore it. 

How to install KFU and TWRP recovery on the  Amazon Kindle Fire

How to install FIRE FIRE FIRE on the Amazon Kindle Fire

How to root the Amazon Kindle Fire plus install Go Launcher

How to install Jelly Bean 4.2.2 on the Amazon Kindle Fire

How to factory restore the Amazon Kindle Fire

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  1. Hi,
    My kid have a kindle fire with cyanogenmod. A week ago it started to boot-loop. In recovery mode when i try to connect tab to system (pc) for installing new rom, pc doesn’t recognizes it (mass storage mode) i tried on multiple cables and pc but no success. If theres a way to solve this problem please advise.
    Omer Javed

  2. Hi dude,

    I have a problem with my amazon kindle fire 7 5th generation. A year ago I tried to factory restore it but didn’t wake up… I plug it in, start charging, turn on and then when the amazon logo appears, it reboots over and over again. What can I do? I don’t know if it’s bricked or something like that. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

  3. I have Tried every video from every rooter “expert” (here and elsewhere) and still can’t root my Kindle 6.3.4. Without having to become an IT Specialist/Expert, which UTILITIES works (for Kindle 6.3.4) and on which Computers – I have a XP Operating system. Where do I get the Utilities – I have downloaded Utilities with the same names as shown here but when I extract them the files aren’t the same as the ones shown here? Are there any simple “do this,” and then “do that” instructions without all the hype instruction videos? Especially that explain which utilities to use and where to download them from?

  4. Hey, I have a Kindle Fire first gen (2011) with the 6.3.4 update, i need help because when i try to use KFU, it doesnt discover my device….please if someone can help me id really appreciate it.

  5. hey if anyone can help me thatd be really cool. when i open the supertool, it recognizes my device but then after that, the computer shuts the supertool down without going to the real supertool screen.


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