Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Reboot the Fire TV by holding select and play button at the same time until device reboots

Some of these steps work much better with a logitech wireless key board

The Amazon Fire TV can be accessed with adb over your home network either wifi or ethernet. this is how we can send and install apps manually to it.

you can pick up an Amazon Fire TV HERE

If you want to get your hands on my super tool for this device check out this link HERE

Amazon Fire TV Unboxing and review

Fire TV Setup

How to side load apps on the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV root tutorial

How to install the google play store on the Fire TV

Fire TV firmware Update and downgrade

Simple ADB App Installer over IP

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8 thoughts on “Amazon Fire TV”

  1. Now that Amazon has come out with its new OS,these tool no longer work…Perhaps your team your team should investigate the new OS to unlock another system that looks you get to the root program to again prevent the Amazon Fire Stick and the Fire TV from auto updating whether we like it or not…your intervention would be much appreciated bye people like myself who are tired of losing code we write or the apps we enjoy on our devices..thank you

  2. thank you for video
    but when i try connect fire tv the adb show me the device offline
    can you tell me how i can solv this problem

  3. Is a Korean I
    I want to downgrade the Amazon Fire tv
    There is what is required information, where do you available?
    Is version of I

    Thank you

  4. if i have latest update german version without root any chance to downgrade to root version,i try manual downgrade i dont have su[ not found} thank you!

  5. Hi there, I’m new to this set up with Amazon Fire TV, I just want to install chrome brower on my fire tv to download repo for my xbmc, can you please help me please.



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