Asus Nexus 7

Asus Nexus 7 Rom Install Tips
1.  First you need to unlock your boot loader, this can be done by fastboot commands or by using a utility. When the bootloader is unlocked you can install a custom recovery image. I recommend TRWP recovery or Multi rom recovery, but clock work mods is also ok.
2.  Once you have unlocked the Boot loader and have a recovery install you can root you device by flashing a root zip file or just install a custom rom that has root. Recommend Eclipse, AOKP, CM10, or Code name adroid/cna roms
3.  Because this device has a unlocked bootloader you can flash kernals to the device to over clock and tweak it for better performance. Make sure you do lots of research on the kernal before flashing, and make sure it is compatable with you rom.


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