Here you will find video on rooting hacking and modding your LG devices

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LG G Pad 8.3

 LG G Watch

Files you will need for your LG device


the LG flash tool is the program you will need to restore your LG device firmware. you can also download it at rootjunkysdl.com my server site if you need it.

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  1. hello sir i have an issue with my lg h910 after reset i tried to bypass the frp using apk apps but was stopped by the unknown-source which could not let me do that how can i bypass this setting

  2. I have a LGV20 h910 that was once the phone I used until i broke the screen, then replaced it with a V20 h918. But anyway these were unlocked phones i purchased online, the h910 i ordered and replaced the screen, and kept it as a spare, i loaned it to my neighbor, which later brought it back to me locked up in a firmware update screen, no matter what I did would go straight to that, the only way to turn it off was to remove the battery. getting to the point, every chance i got i would research it online to find out a lot of people was having that issue, with no luck in getting it unfroze. Until i ran across a comment box in XD Devlopers a guy was saying the he had a friend that had one do that and his friend took the battery out plugged the charger in the wall dipped the other end in water then plugged it in the phone the reinserted the battery and it worked. i tried it and believe it or not that method actually works. If i let the battery get too low sometimes it goes back to that screen, ill do it again. only i dont dip the cord in water i squirt a small amout of water in the charging port, works the same. i just wanted to put this out there in case maybe someone has the same issue,


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