Here you will find video on rooting hacking and modding your LG devices

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LG G Pad 8.3

 LG G Watch

Files you will need for your LG device


the LG flash tool is the program you will need to restore your LG device firmware. you can also download it at rootjunkysdl.com my server site if you need it.

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  1. With a name like rootjunky you are probably best to reach out to for this question, don’t think imma get my hopes up though. Has anyone figured out how to root a phoenix 3 AT&t go phone? If not a suggestions on a phone I should buy that’s not too expensive and can easily be rude with AT&t as the provider cuz I’m about to throw this sob and smash it I mean it’s a pretty cheap phone anyway.

  2. i have a lg k7 and i bought myphone from a old friend that i now dont have contact with i tryed using these methods but the three points is not even an option on here, the unknown sources is greyed so that i cant check the box, and i cant press home in the assibilty without it saying complete set up. help me please. thanks in advance…

  3. There any real root apps that can root ANY android phone software produced after 2017? All this bullshit just seems to be phony ad type stuff cause towelroot, kingroot, and kingroot #2 are all failures.

    • that is a great question. Yes security is updated like every month on new android devices and root is much harder unless you are able to unlock your devices bootloader. basically there isnt a app in 2018 that can root all devices

  4. Hello, I recently bought a LG v20 (us996) from someone off Letgo who said yes to me when i had asked if it would work for my carrier (boost mobile) when it really wouldn’t. however I felt like I could unlock it myself so I went through with the purchase. not soon after purchasing it I woke up one morning to find a message on the screen from rent a center stating that the device has been reported to the police due to it being stolen property, long story short I went down to the store and returned the phone and left my phone number just in case they were able to help me get at least a portion of the money I spent on it back. maybe a hour or so passed and I received a call from the manager saying if I bring him 20 bucks he will give me back the phone and I would not have to worry about the lock coming back. so I did. here I am 2 months later with no luck other than getting the bootloader unlocked and somehow managed to completely get rid of my recovery while trying to flash over twrp.

  5. I have the lg g6 873 and having a hell of a time going back and forth trying to bypass frp . I can get to settings and unknown sources but can’t get developers options . and can’t add a Google account. I’m in Calgary Canada. i can do everything with the phone but can’t get past this. can you help? anyone?.

  6. Rootjunky I have an LG Optimus Zone 3 and I have tried just have everything that video after the videos I have tried everything and I cannot get past Google verification have you figured out a way to get past it I have made it all the way to the unknown sources I can’t get past it because I cannot click on this unknown sources greyed out how do I get to the settings to change my grade out unknown sources any help would be greatly appreciate it I really need this phone I have been without a phone for 2 weeks now this is driving me nuts I have been working on this phone for a week now

  7. I have the same problem as Qasam. I have a t-mobile LG G6 running Android 7.0 with the December 2017 security patch. I cannot get rid of the frp lock. I have tried nearly everything but I cannot enable USB debugging anyway. I have accessed settings and cannot enable developer options and I have tried to enable USB debugging by using the dial pad using the *#*#53xxxx etc code to access the hidden menu but even there the USB debugging option is grayed out. Please RootJunky help me! P.S. Thanks for all your previous work you rock


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