Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge



ODIN/Download Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely off
  • Key Combos: Volume Down + Home
  • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button until you see a disclaimer on the screen
  • Then let go of all the buttons and press Volume Up to accept the disclaimer
  • Once the green robot is visible on the screen this indicates that handset is in now ODIN/Download mode

Recovery Mode

    • Make sure your device is completely off
    • Key Combos: Volume Up + Home
    • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button
    • As soon as the phone vibrates, let go of the Power button but keep holding Volume Up + Home
    • When you see the “Samsung Galaxy S6” logo (not just the word “Samsung”), right after that, the next screen you should see is your recovery
    • Don’t let go of Volume Up + Home until you see your recovery
    • When recovery boots it may say system update dont worry just wait for the recovery menu to pop up.


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53 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6”

  1. Hi,
    This is what showes on my phone.
    Can you please help me.
    “This phone is locked because of an abnormal factory reset. Sign in to the Samsung account that was previously used on this phone to confirm that it belongs to you”
    Thank you

  2. I have a galaxy s6 and cant remember my google email and the print store or anyone cant help i have tried with the otg cable and followed your video but when i plug in the otg cable nothing pops up it just stays on the account verification.

  3. I bought a Samsung Galaxy 6 for my daughters 17 birthday. Not new but pfrom a repair shop they said it was fully flashed and it worked for awhile then it locked. It won’t let phone work with sim but I can turn n wifi and use it like that. I

  4. Hello, the methods you employ in the videos to bypass the FRP on the Galaxy 6s after the January 16 update no longer work. It will display a message “This phone is locked because of an abnormal factory reset. Sign in to the Samsung account that was previously used on this phone to confirm that it belongs to you” and will not let you pass. Any ideas for a work around?

  5. hello i have galaxy s6 edge locked with the google verification i follow your instructions but when i plug the otg nothing pops up

  6. My OTG drive does not pop-up the bypass apk file.
    Someone knows how to get this to work?

    Also i cant get into my samsung account.

    Is there a way to bypass this samsung security check?

  7. I Bought my daughter a Galaxy S6, She did a factory reset and it states- This phone is locked because of an abnormal factory reset. Sign in to the Samsung account that was previously used on this phone to confirm that it belongs to you” , She has used the same user name and password that allows her into Samsung but it doesnt allow her into the phone. I tried all your ways of getting around the settings but it doesnt seem to work. I was told after the new software upgrade that they changed the security vulnerabilities. Any help will be truly appreciated.

  8. hi dear rootjunkie i did the procedure suggested for you but the popup window dont appear i though samsung fix this procedment , do you have another way to bypass that google account thanks
    my phone is a samsung galaxy s6 edge plus from verizon usa

    • My son died a week ago, I have his old phone here, I don’t want to reset it, I want to preserve his pictures but I don’t know his password. I know his email but not his password on that either. What can I do, I’m afraid I will accidentally delete something if I keep trying to get it open it. Is there any safe way to get it open?

      • Tammy,

        I am very sorry for your loss. the Samsung S6 series of mobile devices are uniquely difficult. Please go to settings: about phone: Get Model #: Android Version: and Security Patch level. I might be able to help you root and recover your sons pictures.

  9. When you do the first option for ODIN mode how long does it take to reboot and does this function bypass the Samsung account

  10. okay, so ive been researching and researching and carefully doing more researching on this frp google acct info lockout thing… and frankly, its kinda scary. i bought an s6 from a guy off craigslist, gave him $250 cash, the phone is in awesome shape… it had some usage history but thats all…. ehhhhh, factory reset, start fresh….. NOPE… then he drops off the face of the earth… Blam… just like that, im screwed… taking my steps VERY carefully… ive found that if you can prove the phone to be yours; with a reciept or whatever, you can send it to samsung, theyll unlock it, and send it back… takes 2-3 weeks…. i dont have 2-3 weeks… ive tried the otg method, like everybody else, and nothing pops up… ive tried the slidsync method, same thing… next up is reinstalling stock firmware with odin… thats got me sweating bullets, wish me luck. some pointers would be appreciated. i dont think i go for the most recent because of some security update. so, do i go for the oldest? and hope that automatic updates will take care of updating to most recent after i get it running?…. arrrrgh

  11. i watched your video regarding resetting my s6 and i downloaded your bypass app but i cant seem to find how to turn on the unknown sources. it didn’t come up like it did on the video. how do i find this because without that, it will not install

  12. ok i see part of the issue, hello again. it seems that i am getting a err message “there is a problem parsing the package.” so at this point what should i do. i cant go long without my phone because it connects with my hearing aids and its my main way of communication. by the way your videos have been so helpful, thank you.

  13. Purchased a galaxy s6 and have no way in contacting the person that sold it to me. I keep running into the google acct verification and I followed your video all the way to downloading the google bypass app and I got an Error msg saying something about a problem with the parsing package. How do I also bypass that?!

  14. RootJunky,

    I know you do a lot with the FRP in regards to the Google account version. Have you ever, or can you confirm, if there is a way to bypass the Samsung Account version? I assume it’s the same FRP just a different flavor. ANy help is appreciated.

  15. Hi I bought a Samsung S6 and paid $285 for and I have done everything you said and still can’t get this phone to work. So I’m trying one more time to see maybe if I missed something please if anyone out there know a better way to get this done please contact me because I really could use the help. Thank You !

  16. hi all ,
    dunno if its already known but here is a temp solution i found on youtube.

    i had the same problem with my s6 .
    had a restart at night woke up and factory reset sign in with samsung acount etc..
    didnt know my first password so i was fucked.
    couldnt use my phone for 2 months and i already gave up.
    but found a way very easy btw…
    only thing is ya cant use all funktions of ya phone…
    i cant be called dunno why?get no messages from whatsapp sms messenger etc ..
    but i can use all aps (just dont download any samsung or google apps it blocked me again)
    i can call send sms etc.
    well its very easy actually just restart do all phone askes ya yo till ya come to sign in with google account!
    make a new email account any will do!
    make a name etc birtday. wenn asked for payment choose paypal.
    wenn ya get to login screen from paypal click having problems signing in.
    boom ya in internet on paypal webpage.
    type in apex.apk install it and ya phone works!
    told ya cant use all funktions but its better then nothing..
    i hope rootjunky can figure the rest out because i am noob at this .
    Rootjunky i get when iwant to change ringtone for example i have to chance overlayscreen .has to do with permissions i have no clue tried everything…
    oh and btw dont restart ya phone it will get back to samsung loggin but just reset again and repeat steps .
    i hope this will help any.

    greetz .

  17. Hello I have the Samsung S6 also tried all the methods possible and still have not been able to by pass the Google old account. I tried the Odin but the screen stays on download mode for ever I guess until the battery will run out. I tried breaking the wife and hot spot connection but from there I can not type anything on the screen and nothing pops up
    when I go back im stuck at the Google confirmation, only thing I have not tried is to plug the FPR but my laptop result not compatible with the file

  18. Hello, I have a Samsung S6, Che has The Block Samsung account, I tried various guidance, including one with the real term program, I block to the point where I have to Download ES File Explorer, my S6 has 6.0.1. Come fare I have to unlock it?

  19. I can’t even access wifi. “Can’t connect to wifi due to unauthorized factory reset” I have the otg cable and downloaded the apk … However according to root junky I need wifi access. So how do I connect to the internet if it keeps saying the same message

  20. I have been able to access Google and your website and download the apk but getting the parsing error. What’s my next course of action?

  21. 1. What device you have. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What rom stock or custom rom / build number in about phone. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. Recovery stock, TWRP. CWM . With this info I will be able to help. 

    hi, i really need help. i have a Samsung Glaxay s6 edge, the lastest version 7. the error is this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software and is locked,….. my IMEI number is gone as well: 350000000000006…..i have tried to restore it using odin and nothing. when i bought it from a third party i didn’t know it was rooted and factory reset it when i got it…… please help!

  22. well iv been having the same problem as the rest of you im still at square one unfortunately. My galaxy s6 has been stuck on the frp lock and i desperately need to find a way around it. I tried the odin dowmload and it just never stops downloading it was on for two days!! so now what? Please help

  23. I have a Samsung s6 edge +
    I did a factory reset
    I took the sim card out . I purchased the phone online
    now the message says cannot do a factory reset that was sync to the password etc…
    now I cannot log into the internet or anything I don’t have a password etc… easy way to factory reset it and use the phone for my self for free easy as possible…

  24. Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong area I just need help I don’t know where to go to askCan someone please help me I’ve spent the last three days trying to bypass FRP lock on the Samsung S6 plus for my daughter because she got scammed and got a phone that was in a lock on craigslist I have tried every and all forms where I seem to get stuck each time is downloading the driver for Samsung USB driver it downloads from all the sites but none of them work or show up in my device manager so all the methods are impossible at that point what is it that I’m doing wrong.

  25. I have a Samsung s6 edge +
    I do not have any passwords for the phone I purchased used.
    I tried to do a factory reset and I Cannot.

    unable to sign in to wi-fi-ap. an auauthorized factory rest has been perfprmed on this device. the sign-in screen cannot be accessed.
    I have a usb cable ?????? easy method if possible.

  26. I see MANY here have the same problem I have- an abnormal hard reset, then asked to log into the Samsung Account, and that’s the end of the whole thing. I have no idea how to get past this point! Period! It evidently does access my WiFi, but what good is that if I can’t get past the FRP? My phone is the Samsung S6. I don’t know if I will automatically get any email notifications if there are any responses. I didn’t see any way to set that up, but I would hope so. Samsung tech support is useless. They want a receipt that shows the IMEI number, etc. I bought the phone from eBay. Neither eBay nor Paypal shows the IMEI number on anything you get from them. I could go to any court and prove I own the phone, but do you think Samsung will accept anything I have to prove I own the phone? Ha! What a joke that is! I doubt the OTG thing will work from the comments I have read here. TOM, you are one smart guy! I would think you could help us get out of this awful jam!

  27. I have been watching your Samsung S6 videos. I have an S6 that won’t boot up, though I can get into both maintenance mode and download mode. It’s a Verizon phone. Since I can’t boot it up I don’t have a build number. What’s the best way to try to pull off data from the phone? It’s a 920V.

  28. Hello root junky,
    I have purchased Samsung galaxy s6 but after 3 to 4 months and I find a problem that when I check that if any software is available for my mobile that a message is coming that “the software updates on your android has been modified in an unauthorized way try downloading software updates using smart switch or please visit a customer service center” so how can I get out of this problem

  29. I have a samsung s6 edge plus I purchased online i do not have the google password . What can I do so I may use this phone , its locked.


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