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Here you will find a list of HTC devices. please click on your devices to see how to root mod and install custom roms and cool mods

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20 thoughts on “HTC”

  1. i have htc 526 i just bought, it has google lockout, how do i get rid of it? i tried factory restore and google lock still there

  2. please upload htc one e9 plus ruu zip in flash via download mode….. my htc mobile modal number a55ml. os verssion 1.45.707.2 and country india……thanks….

  3. Hello rootjunky. my phone is htc one e9 plus in india verssion and os 1.45.707.5 please give link for download ruu or twrp backup. please help me…. thanks

  4. Could anyone (especially you Rootjunky) help me get by the VERY IRRITATING Google FRP on my Htc U11 with Android 7.1.1
    I have checked out tons of videos on internet but no luck at all. I’ve posted my question in various forum were I got 3 replies telling me the same: try out Rootjunky, he is just amazing and love a challenge….so here I am…trying to see if anyone could help me get back my dear U11 again.
    All the solutions I have checked out seems to be for another android version of the U11 and all contain the use of Chrome, but it is totally impossible go open chrome in mine since it opens a internal floating html reader????

    • yeah so there are 2 ways we can do this. One you can send me the device to work on it or 2 you can enroll in my school and learn all about it for yourself.

  5. I’m in Mexico but I would think sending you the cell would be possible with all the excellent package services we have today. Could you give me any info on where I’ll send it and how you want me to do it please (I’ll prefer if you send it to my email). I suppose you need only the phone itself…no cables/chargers right?

  6. hey what about desire 610 im not tech saavy at all its bootloader unlock id love to do it with htc dev route i have no idea why. u tell me. u the guru. thank u i got king root to do it 2x but it only lasted 15 mins or so each. perm denied really soon after granted so without unlock loader dont make sense?


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