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Lenovo K3 Note K50-T5

Nvidia Tegra Note 7

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  1. Tried using one of your firmware files for my Droid Maxx. It gets to the system.img file and doesn’t go any further. I have read on other posts that the standard AP Fastboot will not flash the system image and motofastboot is required to do so. I have no option to manualy enter any flash mode. My device is soft bricked after following and downloading your files. Is there a file that isn’t currupted? If so I can’t find it. I was trying to intstall the 4.4.4 SCU-7 which is a small downgrade to my system already. It should have worked, but it gets stuck at the system image flash. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Kevin

  2. Dear RJ, Please Help.

    I am trying to root

    I made it to 5:35 in the video–My Fire 5th Gen. is stuck at “FASTBOOT mode…” and the batch file window says “booting device ”

    everything went smoothly until here. I can hold power button for ten seconds and reboot, only to get to this same point again.

    What is a tablet drowning in Amazon Apps to do?

  3. Hi,
    I need the APK for my ZTE z850 to bypass FRP. Is it the same for all the android phones out there or ZTE needs something specific?

    Please let me know

  4. Hi ther
    how do i bypass frp on mobicel vivo without otg drive or pc …the hacks that works on samsungs dont work on mobicel vivo …please help ! …all the way from south Africa

  5. Hello I’m having a really hard time trying to move apps on my SD card on my cool pad phone. I can’t find the opinion to do so. And I also want to delete pretty installed apps. Can you help me root my device to do those things please?

  6. Hello Sir,

    i am not able to install ADB Driver into my system and nota able to enter edl mode
    my phone is stuck to MI screen, not booting

  7. Hey root junky I’m messaging you on the lg g5 frp on the new 6.0.1 most recent firmware and if you have then disregard if not then in my attempt to mess around and see what I can figure. And I think I had a break threw and actually back doored the lg g5 6.0.1, 2016-08-01 and if you can email me ill inform you on what I did to gain control of my g5,….sorry if this was already obtained it made my day and wanted to share my finding with android community

  8. Having issues bypassing ftp on ZTE sonata 3 I can get it onto chrome I can get into settings but it won’t factory reset what do I do it’s driving me crazy. Please help.

  9. I don’t know if you got the replies I left earlier last month about the sonata 3,and stated i had the same problem… Well,victory is ours,I frp bypassed the zte sonata 3!sweet victory!

  10. Please help, unable to bypass Google on ZTE Warp 7. It hAS different keyboard than other ZTE models. I found bypass for model N9518 but this is N9519. Once again, please help

  11. I followed what video,says about galaxy s7 and info it don’t work , I hwve been at this 4 5 days now all videos say the samething I am,thinking sm1 has there stuff wring pls check into it thx

  12. Here’s a interesting method of privilege escalation that works for Samsung Galaxy Tab A6’s. Start the setup after a clean factory reset, get internet access, then before going any further hit the home button 4-5 times to turn on text to speech. This also has the effect of launching a tutorial app. Run thru the tutorial until you get to the hot corners part, go to lower right and click on Text to Speech settings, select googles text to speech instead of Samsungs, click little gear and choose language install or whatever, click “more”, select open source license, highlight, share, go nuts. I found the easiest way from here is to setup a email account with normal email, then send said email address a email with whatever apk’s you want to install attached to the email. Check message, double click attachment, presto!

  13. i dont know if this is the right spot, but i got a ZTE Z831 its an At&t phone buddy of mine owed me some money but he didnt want to pay me so he gave his phone for collateral well its been a few months and he is nowhere to be found and im stuck with a phone i cant use i have watched about 4000 vids on bypassing the afrp but i can only get so far either i cant get to help and feedback cause it doesnt display anything when i click on it and other vids have a search bar on the personal diction ary i dont have that ability at all i have nop swift or swipe on my keyboard and those are the main things i remember off the top of my head basically 6.0.1 is not allowing me access to any of that stuff plz help meh id like ot use this phone

  14. I am trying to get past the frp on a Coolpad catalyst. Which APK do you use​ and how do you get it to download?

  15. samsung s7 edge sprint 6.0.1 trying to remove the google account getting this error any help

    dosnt work on sprint 6.0.1 new security error
    an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset you device to factory default settings.connect to wifi or mobile network to verify your identity.

  16. In process of bypassing frp lock on Nexus 6P 7.1.2, each time I get to termux and type prompts – dirty cow does not open. HELP. is dirtycow corrupt?

  17. I followed your instructions on how to bypass the frp on my Samsung Galaxy s5. Worked until you restart and swipe camera then press mode and then download. My mode button won’t press. So what do I do????

  18. i have a coolpad catalyst from metro pcs and the frp has been actavated.have tryed to put it in devilper mode have tapped the buled number and nothing. now what to do

  19. Gosh, Kenn, I’ve been following you since my first YouTube from you regarding Samsung galaxy note 3. Iwas impressed with your easy going, yet obvious knowledge. I’m a DIY person due to disabilities. So my reason tonight is to put out a good thing that is creating havoc for my note 3 relationship. Sleuthing has not helped.
    I replaced the sim/SD tray reader when it failed to read a sim card. My phone is Verizon, unlocked which I bought off eBay.
    After all 12 Itty bity screws were replaced I get notice my earphone 🎧 is in use & it shows 🎧 in notifications. Ringer, notifications still are heard. Nothing else inside this monster is heard.
    I haven’t any further idea on what to due. I so dislike asking for help. But you I trust and hope it to be a easy fix.
    PC is down too. Not good living alone with no communication.
    I do so appreciate any effort put forth.


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