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miscellaneous Android devices and manufacturers


Lenovo K3 Note K50-T5

Nvidia Tegra Note 7

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  1. I am trying to get past the frp on a Coolpad catalyst. Which APK do you use​ and how do you get it to download?

  2. samsung s7 edge sprint 6.0.1 trying to remove the google account getting this error any help

    dosnt work on sprint 6.0.1 new security error
    an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset you device to factory default settings.connect to wifi or mobile network to verify your identity.

  3. In process of bypassing frp lock on Nexus 6P 7.1.2, each time I get to termux and type prompts – dirty cow does not open. HELP. is dirtycow corrupt?

  4. I followed your instructions on how to bypass the frp on my Samsung Galaxy s5. Worked until you restart and swipe camera then press mode and then download. My mode button won’t press. So what do I do????

  5. i have a coolpad catalyst from metro pcs and the frp has been actavated.have tryed to put it in devilper mode have tapped the buled number and nothing. now what to do

  6. Gosh, Kenn, I’ve been following you since my first YouTube from you regarding Samsung galaxy note 3. Iwas impressed with your easy going, yet obvious knowledge. I’m a DIY person due to disabilities. So my reason tonight is to put out a good thing that is creating havoc for my note 3 relationship. Sleuthing has not helped.
    I replaced the sim/SD tray reader when it failed to read a sim card. My phone is Verizon, unlocked which I bought off eBay.
    After all 12 Itty bity screws were replaced I get notice my earphone 🎧 is in use & it shows 🎧 in notifications. Ringer, notifications still are heard. Nothing else inside this monster is heard.
    I haven’t any further idea on what to due. I so dislike asking for help. But you I trust and hope it to be a easy fix.
    PC is down too. Not good living alone with no communication.
    I do so appreciate any effort put forth.


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