HTC One M8

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HTC One M8

How to Enter Bootloader Mode to get to Stock Recovery
1.  After powering down, press Volume Down and while pressing Volume Down, press Power holding both buttons to start the device into Bootloader mode. If you have difficulty, power up normally, go to Settings->Battery and deselect Fast boot. Power down and try again.
2.  Use the Volume buttons to select up or down. Highlight Recovery and press the Power button.
3.  Once in recovery you will see what looks like a battery now press volume up and power at the same time to enter Stock Recovery menu.
Order of hacking the HTC ONE M8
1.  root with Weak Sauce root
2.  S Off unlock with firewater hack
3.  Install custom recovery like TWRP or CWM recovery
4.  remove weak sauce app and super su and flash from recovery
5.  make a nandroid backup
6.  mod or install a custom rom

How to install android 5.0 Lollipop rom on the HTC one M8

HTC One M8 Verizon Full restore or unbrick firmware with a S off device

How to remove the boot warning on the unlocked HTC One M8 all carriers

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  1. Just wanted to update this post a little bit. If you are currently on 4.4.3 or latest version for M8 weak sauce method will no longer work. The only garunteed method to root and unlock the Bootloader is Sunshine by JCase. Also there is a way to enter stock recovery by booting into recovery mode then holding volume up and pressing power button. Hope these are helpful.

  2. That comment is wrong. Sunshine by JCase is the only way to achieve S-Off. You can still root and unlock the bootloader without Sunshine. Bootloader unlock can be performed at and root can be achieved by flashing the SuperSU zip. However, if you are NOT S-Off, you will not be able to flash stock based ROMs that contain an updated kernel or radio.

  3. I am trying to find best way to keep root through an update. For Galaxy s4. You answered this in a step by step video. The only problem is my computer is old and slow I can barely use it for basic tasks and makes that way a huge pain it not unpredictable to say the least. I want to know if I remove root will it go undetected during update so I can add it again.
    Thanks in advance!

    Samsung Galaxy S4
    model # SCH-I545
    Android version 4.3
    Baseband version
    Build number
    Kernel version
    se.infra@R0210-09 #1
    Wed Nov 20 2013
    hardware version

    I hope I didn’t leave any important info out. This may seem like a dumb question because if it were as simple as deleting root to prevent an update that will guard against a reroot everyone would do it.

  4. I am using a Verizon HTC One (M8). I have installed WeakSuace2 and it gives me root access. I have installed SuperSU but when I run it says that “The SU binary needs to be updated. Continue?” After pressing Continue it tries to install and then says installation failed. Any ideas? Thanks.

  5. Hi Root junky i am a big fan of you and i am passionate to be a developer and i started it with few devices like samsung and asus now i am using verizon htc one m8 with lollipop unlocked international version and presently i am using it in india i unable to unlock bootloader with htc dev and unable to root it and gain s-off with firewater as it is discontinued even i tried it weaksauce 2 as it is not responding on the device and tried to downgrade it with both ruu and fuu as it is possible with s-off i am expecting a solution from you to get practice as developer to enjoy custom rom on it

  6. Hi, I just got a HTC One M8 phone. I did the Android upgrade to Lollipop without thinking much. Now when I try to use FoxFi for mobile hot spot, I have gotten the message of ‘the new phone update does not allow it without paying for the hot spot subscription’ message. I was wondering if I can restore back to the KitKat (think that is what I had before without upgrading to Lollipop). If so, any info/video would be able to guide me through the process? Thanks much in advance.


  7. Hi, I just got an HTC One M8 phone. I had a prompt to download update of which i did but when i run the update it takes me to twrp mode and nothing happens. Please can i get the firmware for my phone?

  8. Are there going to be any responses? Seems David Chao is waiting since Jan 2016. I too have an HTC M8 with Lollipop and I wish to root it in an easy manner as I am not tech savvy.

  9. Hi I cant get into my htc one m8, I tried to reboot it and I followed all of your you tube instruction on how to reset it. its still asking me for a pass word to enter my android. can you please help

  10. Hi Root Junky , I have HTC One M8 Verizon . I have gained S-Off with SunShine app but my bootloader is still locked. I want to flash TWRP recovery but I can not be flash because of locked bootloader. I have also tried HTC DEV but you know HTC DEV does not work on M8 Verizon. I watched your video on Youtube but WATER FIRE not available. Help me.

  11. does anyone know if there is a bypass method for the verizon version of the m8? The share button doesnt work with this version of the m8. that is the most common method

  12. i have a windows htc one m8 can i turn it into a google phone i hate windows phones you cant get the games on it like boom beach and so on please help

  13. Hi I’m on the HTC ONE M8 BOOTLOADER, without system instaled and without TWRP.
    S-OFF and ROOTED, i could not enable FASTBOOT USB ? do you have some solution help pls


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