Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 inche

First thing you need to learn about any device is how to restore it when you mess it up. Unless you are a pro at hacking you are going to mess it up and brick at some point. Learn how to us ODIN and restore the device to factory stock rom.

ODIN/Download Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely off
  • Key Combos: Volume Down + Home
  • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button until you see a disclaimer on the screen
  • Then let go of all the buttons and press Volume Up to accept the disclaimer
  • Once the green robot is visible on the screen this indicates that handset is in now ODIN/Download mode

Recovery Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely off
  • Key Combos: Volume Up + Home
  • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button
  • As soon as the phone vibrates, let go of the Power button but keep holding Volume Up + Home
  • When you see the “Samsung Galaxy S III” logo (not just the word “Samsung”), right after that, the next screen you should see is your recovery
  • Don’t let go of Volume Up + Home until you see your recovery

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16 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4”

  1. Hi there. I really appreciate and adore your videos on the galaxy tabpro 8.4 but I only stumbled across them after making a stjupoid mistake

    I have flashed twrp recovery and not made a backup of the original recovery.IMG or the zip file. Now I need to make an ota update but I need stock recovery so I’m assuming that you guys have backed up the recovery.IMG or the flashable zip through Odin.

    My current aadroid version is 4.4.2

    Please help me out.

    Thank you very much

  2. While trying to install FLASHIFLY i did 3 partition by mistake and now its says i have not enough room, how i eliminate the wrong partition?…thanks

  3. can you please me a copy of your stock recovery and kernel or is there a way I can find them, my install didn’t go well and my recovery file isn’t working,

  4. I think I have same situation that you did. Don’t have an original stock recovery. Did you solve this problem. I’m guessing I need to download the firmware from some site. But where? Thank you.

  5. I have a SAMSUNG-SM-T377V i can not get my otg drive to boot up when the screen is at verify your account. it doesn’t even recognize it at all.

  6. Hello.
    I installed LineageOS on my Tab Pro 8.4. Everything seems to work well except for the cameras. Camera apps keeps stopping immediately after launching. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

  7. Hi,
    my tab T700 is stuck on Samsung logo page.
    it was working before but I tried Recovery option to wipe data after that it’s not going to boot properly.
    plz let me know how can I resolve this issue.

  8. Love the videos for these upgrade projects. I had a problem (I think) while doing the TWRP Recovery install. I followed the video step by step. When I got to where I selected the appropriate TWRP Recovery img file, I selected the latest one in the list (being sure not to select the .tar file). When I selected it I received a message on the tablet saying there was a problem downloading the image and that I should try again in a few moments. Not sure if this was a problem with the image repository or something else. I’ll try again later but any suggestions?

  9. I used your videos to update my tab to marshmallow successfully last year. Now my netflix app is requiring Android 8 to download shows. Is there an Android 8 version available to go to? All I see is CM 13 which is marshmallow (6)

  10. I have the samsung SM-T580 and is locked out as I factory reset it and the lock screen was on. Where do I find that file to load on my USB flash drive to get in the settings and turn off the lock screen? How much is the file $
    Please let me know and thanks for your help.


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