Android 11 FRP bypass on the Google Pixel

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Rootjunky one of our instructors here at Phonlab has done it again. bringing us a new factory reset protection bypass for the Google Pixel 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 on Android 11 with the latest security patches. This new method has to be the craziest one we have seen from Rootjunky so far, who has been … Read more

Android 11 Beta Gets Postponed

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Android 11 Beta Gets Postponed Android 11 first made its debut as a developer beta back in March, and it was all set to go public at the start of June.  Unfortunately, the pattern of event delays and cancellations will be continuing with the new release.  The public beta has officially been postponed. And most … Read more

Working With WebViews

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Working With WebViews It’s a different kind of www, but working with WebViews can completely change your development potential.  If you’re an experienced developer but have very little mobile app experience, WebViews might be exactly what you’re looking for. Taking a Step Back: Before diving into this newly hyped up feature, let’s take a second … Read more

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