Welcome to rootjunky.com, this site is designed to help you root, mod, hack, unlock, theme, and install roms on your Android devices.

Tips For Hacking Android
1.  Never flash, root, or hack your android device unless you have more than 80% battery life.
2.  Make sure you have at least an hour to flash or hack your android device and always have access to a computer.
3.  Always make a nandroid backup before flashing anything to your android  just in case.
4.  Research, research, research.  Read lots of forums and please watch my videos on what you are trying to do. If you dont understand it, you will mess it up. 
5.  Remember to thank those that help you out!!! Developers & nerds alike.
6.  Every android device is a little different and has its own little tricks and problems, so study up.
7.  The best thing to learn before any sort of hacking is how to return the device back to stock condition, whether that is a SBF, AP fastboot, FX, Odin, or sending the files over ADB
8.  The android community is a great place, there is never a stupid question.
9.  Make sure you know all the info in settings about phone before you hack your devices. IE. Model #, android version, Build #, and so on.
10.  The BIGGEST problem that people have when rooting or using at utility is the driver install.  Make sure you download and run the driver install files then connect your device to your PC. When connected you are going to need to turn on usb debugging on the android device this setting is in the devices settings page, most of the time under developers options.  Last you need to put the android device into all three or four usb modes. You can do this by pulling down the notification bar and change the modes there.  Now the drivers should be install correctally.  If still having problems you can uninstall and reinstall the drivers with a program called USB Deview which is on My Downloads page or watch this VIDEO . 

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  1. i got a amazon fire tab 7″ 5th gen, one day it just got a black screen with some light, i think it was broken but, when try to press power button a message for power off appears and say Do ypu want to shut down your fire? and then cancel or OK options, i restart but when restart just appears the wallpaper on back the screen, i restore firmware as i understand this solve this problem with your videos as a guide, but, i can make it works, i mean, the firmware load rigth but when everything is load and restart the tablet just the wallpaper appears.

  2. Hello Rootjunky,

    I have an question I’ve got an j3 2016. Android version 7.0, FRP is On, And is has pattern lock. is there any way, to remove the pattern to recover the data?

    Software wise
    Hardware wise.

    On some hindi sites I found S.Boot file with a odin flashable Remove pattern without lose data.tar.
    But it was for a different model.

    i don’t give shit about the phone, it is the intel on it i need.

    have you got any suggestions, could you please help me out?

  3. I end up with these darn things when people want money and they know I like to fiddle with learning to fix them but they also fail to give me the info that theyre frp locked and dont have the info supposedly,pisses me off but they probably figure ill just give them back, lol, anyway ive not been able to get into either of these tablet A 8 .0 or the tablet E, no talkback,no google keyboard, no search when i get to a feedback option at all, nothings working,im not that great with computers and all the stuff to download on my new All in One? Im too scared and its so confusing can you please please help me with them? I pretty much only watch your videos stick wuth what i know lol,please answer me on this
    Kelly E

  4. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and years ago I successfully rooted with Odin but never really utilized root. I confirmed root with root checker. Somehow, I lost root and then discovered that in opening SuperSU, I got a dialog box stating “there is no SU binary installed. If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, (I actually have 4.4.2) you need to manually re-root. consult the relevant forum for your device!”
    I am not very literate reguarding root and would appreciate any help, assistance, solutions to get root back so I can finally use it to get bloatware off my tablet which I love. Thanks in advance.

  5. I was trying to unlock a Samsung smart watch SM-R382.
    Everything was going very well and I had it unlocked.
    Then I think I hit it with step 7 or 8 and now gear watch live tool says the
    R3AF700RBHB is unauthorized ????
    Most function on the tool will not communicate to watch.
    What can I do to rectify this problem.
    The system works well except for my stupidest.

  6. tablet is not working. it is not fix it it is dead wont off staying on wait like 2 or 3 hour i wont finally i wanna talk to u about tablet i restart and i dont remember password i wont to factory reset this is tablet twp home +volume up + power on to twp samsung tab 3 t217s i will give you a tablet then give me a it tomorrow thank you


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