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5 Things you need to Know before rooting or hacking your android device


Android Hacking Explained

Tips For Hacking Android
1.  Never flash, root, or hack your android device unless you have more than 80% battery life.
2.  Make sure you have at least an hour to flash or hack your android device and always have access to a computer.
3.  Always make a nandroid backup before flashing anything to your android  just in case.
4.  Research, research, research.  Read lots of forums and please watch my videos on what you are trying to do. If you dont understand it, you will mess it up. 
5.  Remember to thank those that help you out!!! Developers & nerds alike.
6.  Every android device is a little different and has its own little tricks and problems, so study up.
7.  The best thing to learn before any sort of hacking is how to return the device back to stock condition, whether that is a SBF, AP fastboot, FX, Odin, or sending the files over ADB
8.  The android community is a great place, there is never a stupid question.
9.  Make sure you know all the info in settings about phone before you hack your devices. IE. Model #, android version, Build #, and so on.
10.  The BIGGEST problem that people have when rooting or using at utility is the driver install.  Make sure you download and run the driver install files then connect your device to your PC. When connected you are going to need to turn on usb debugging on the android device this setting is in the devices settings page, most of the time under developers options.  Last you need to put the android device into all three or four usb modes. You can do this by pulling down the notification bar and change the modes there.  Now the drivers should be install correctally.  If still having problems you can uninstall and reinstall the drivers with a program called USB Deview which is on My Downloads page or watch this VIDEO . 

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