Android VS. Apple what device should you purchase

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Android VS. Apple It has always be a epic dual   Why Android is more advanced then IOS but less stable. First you need to understand that I carrier and use both a iPhone and Android device everyday. Currently I have a IPhone 7 and a One Plus 5 both are high end devices. The … Read more

Android Factory Reset Protection

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Android Factory Reset Protection What are the pros and cons of Android factory reset protection? This is a new feature that is included with Android version 5.1.1. First, I have to state that any security measures that can be added to your android device will only improve the safety of your personal data. That being … Read more

Wifi Phone

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How to turn your old or new android device into a WiFi phone Requirements 1.  Phone with Android version 4.3 or higher 2.  Gmail account 3.  Google hangouts app installed 4.  Google Voice app installed 5.  Hangouts dialer app installed 6.  A phone number you can use to setup your Google voice account with but … Read more

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