Android VS. Apple what device should you purchase

Android VS. Apple

It has always be a epic dual


Why Android is more advanced then IOS but less stable. First you need to understand that I carrier and use both a iPhone and Android device everyday. Currently I have a IPhone 7 and a One Plus 5 both are high end devices. The Android OS is more advanced for many reasons but the two that come to mind are better specs (physical hardware) and development.

Android OS is Open source which means that anyone can develop and work on the operating system. This leads to advances and new features all the time. What I have seen happen over the years is that the Android community developers come up with new software features in custom roms. Once the community shows that they want them then Google comes in and adds those features to stock Android. Really Google is genius in this manner getting great free development from the community. Apple IOS is ok but being locked down like it is means that you are waiting on the Apple company to come up with new ideas instead of the whole world. The benefit of Apple keeping it’s OS closed source is that they can control and keep it clean. This is again great for stability and uniformity.

Original equipment manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and many others use the latest hardware for there new device. Quad HD screens, 8GB of Ram, fast processors, and wireless charging make these devices amazing and for many people even better then there home PC. Apples hardware generally lags behind Android by 2 years. This sounds like a bad thing but really its not. Because by the time that Apple has this hardware in there devices all the software and hardware bugs have been killed leaving a rock solid experience for there users.

Last is security, while Android is open source which is great for developing on it this also opens up the source code to be looked at by everyone and that means bugs can be found and exploited much easier then on Apple. I am not saying that Apple IOS is 100% secure, I am just saying that it is harder to HACK.

This is the way I think about it and this can really help when others ask me about what device they should purchase.

Android = Advancements, Affordable, and Customization

Apple IOS = Stability, Security, and Consistency

Android will always be my choice of preferred device for these couple reasons.

– RootJunky


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8 thoughts on “Android VS. Apple what device should you purchase”

  1. I used to be an avid Android user, until my phone died and I started using someone’s old iPhone. Even the super outdated iPhone (it was a 4, wow) worked much better than my Android ever did, and now I’m Apple for life. I have a 6S now, I like it a lot! (And on a less important note, it’s much easier to find cases, etc for iPhones. There are just so many types of Androids, it’s so hard to find stuff for your specific phone all the time!)

    • that is true accessories are harder to find. If it has been a while since you used a android. you should really try again thet have jump leaps and bounds in that last 2 years. but get a flag ship android device not a cheap one

  2. The debate over Android and Apple will stand the test of time. Even their mobile pos systems are different. I’ve always been an Apple user and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to change.

  3. I love my droid 3 so this new adventure into ios is left me with a i phone 5stuck on 10.3.3 not much fun first time around so i bought another yep icloud locked.i am an android girl by the eay do you have a video on java my p c crashed and having troublr with java setting it iup

  4. Interesting points, but is iOs not a more rewarding system to hack because all devices run exactly the same system? I would also say iPhone users are generally less experienced with technology and easier to get by social engineering.

    On the other hand, does Android not need more Power for the same performance since usually you have the core Android system and a launcher on top to launch?

    Also, you have mixed there and their a couple of times in your text.


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