Android For Dummies

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 Android for Dummies

These videos are designed for those of you that are new to android. Maybe this is your first android phone or tablet and you are lost. Then this is the right page for you. My hope is that these videos will help you to understand and navigate through this new jungle. Good Luck

Here is a link to some of my favorite site to learn more about your android device


Android 101 / Android For Dummies

Android 201 / Android For Dummies

Android 301 / Droid For Dummies

Android 401 / Droid For Dummies

Android 501 / Android For Dummies

Android 601 / Droid For Dummies


If you have any other Ideas for more android for dummies videos please leave a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Android For Dummies”

  1. im brand new to the world of rooting and am absolutely mesmerized with the idea….where do i start… please im not the most tech savvy but can follow directions love the site you rock

  2. just wanna let you know what a great service you provide for the not so tech savy ppl out here. you really made a difference with my devices issues. thanks and keep up the good work. mikey g.


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