Definitions & Abbreviations

Want to know what people are talking about in the android forums? Learn to talk tech with these Android Definitions & Abbreviation
 Definitions & Abbreviations
ROOT = Access to the root of the device files system and able to edit it. 
CWM = Clock work mod recovery 
CM = Cyanogenmod 
AOKP = Android Open Kang Project
AOSP = Android OPen Source Project
TWRP = Team Win Recovery Project 
Root = to gain root permission or admin rights on a device 
Rom = A custom Android User Interface or UI 
UI = User Interface 
Nandroid = an image back up of all files and settings on a device  (note) doesn’t include the sd card or ext sd card
BSR = Boot Strap Recovery 
SS = Safe Strap Recovery 
ADB = Android Debug Bridge 
AOSP = Android Open Source Project 
GB = Ginger Bread 2.3 
HC = Honey Comb 3.0 
ICS = Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 
JB = Jelly Bean 4.1 or 4.2
KK = KitKat 4.4
Flash = to install a zip file such as a rom 
Bootloader = code that is executed before any Operating System starts to run 
Unlocked Bootloader = A android device that has full access to flash roms, recovery images, and kernals 
Locked Bootloader = A device that cant flash recovery images or Kernals but most likely can flash roms and bypass recovery to a custom recovery 
SBF = a file that will bring your phone back to it’s original out of the box state 
AP Fastboot = A piece of software that supports a protocol to update the flash filesystem in Android smartphones from another computer
Soft Bricked = the device will not boot
Bricked or hard bricked = device will not turn on at all
Boot Loop = when the device turns on, shows the boot animation, then repeats. This can normally be fixed by wiping data/factory reset from either stock or custom recovery. 
KF = Amazon Kindle Fire.
FFF = FIRE FIRE FIRE which is a kindle fire boot loader.
KFU = Kindle Fire Utility
ODIN = A program used to flash files like firmware to a Samsung Device
Download Mode = This is a setting in which you will put your phone when using Odin. Odin can only communicate properly with your phone if the phone is in download mode.
Logcat = This is a log of all of the processing activity your phone did over a certain period of time.
OTA – Over the Air = These are the official firmware upgrades that Verizon has released over the life of this phone.
SOD – Sleep of Death = This is when your phone goes into standby mode but then goes into a catatonic state somewhere between being asleep and completely powered down.
HBoot = HTC devices boot mode where you can enter fastboot, recovery, flash firmware, & check unlock status.
S ON = Checks the firmware before it is flashed to make sure it is official.
S OFF = The security level is a flag stored on the radio; when the flag is S-OFF, the bootloader (HBOOT) will no longer check the signatures of firmware images before flashing.
RUU = ROM Update Utility
KANGING or KANGED = To have one’s developer code and work taken, manipulated, rebranded, and re-released by someone else with no credit
FTF = Sony Stock Android device firmware it called a FTF because the file ends in .FTF It can be flash with a flash tool to restore the device.


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  1. thank you so much for helping me navigate the technical side of android. i knew nothing about rooting and now that ive been watching and reading the wealth of info here, things are not so confusing. im still learning but you have set me on the right track. thank you and be well…

  2. I am VERY new to rooting, flashing ROMs, unlocking bootloaders( I’ve unlocked 1) and pretty much everything involved in modifying android devices. I have to say a big THANK YOU to you, RootJunky for making your YouTube videos as well. Between your xda forums and YouTube, you have helped make this not only less terrifying, but also enjoyable. Thanks again!


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