modify apps and roms

How to modify apps and roms on your Android device using apktool and other sweet programs

Below is just one way to Modify Apps and roms, there are many different tools for doing this like Tickle My Android
First thing you are going to Need is my APKTOOL Zip HERE  
Next please watch these video in order and you will setup everything correctly this way.
I have a nice little post on APKTools HERE that might also be helpful.

Basic rom editing and themes on any rom

How to pull a Logcat file from your Android device phone or tablet

Galaxy S4 Theme and tickle my android program

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10 thoughts on “modify apps and roms”

  1. Great job, man. Any suggestion? I need to backup a stock fw from a chinese mt6592 tablet but can´t find drivers so W10 can install it. Thanks and again, great nice job.

  2. Awesome sauce thanks for the lead on continuing to code it together. Is {};
    FREE? I’m have been trying to root. Well other “apps” have. I can code to man alittle. Var root = paininmyass.div(class). everything. global. Coolpad true root venturer.


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