Motorola Droid Bionic

Motorola Droid Bionic Rom Install Tips
1. Learn how to SBF/ AP fastboot your phone before learning anything else. Watch my video. This is the most important thing to know how to do because you can recover from just about any problem by SBFing back to stock and you will be back to the way the phone was when you got it from verizon.
2. How to flash a rom with Safe Strap. First, root phone and install latest safe strap recovery app and install recovery from app. Next, reboot phone and when you see the safe strap screen, press the menu button to enter recovery or the search button to boot a rom. After pressing menu, the phone will boot to twrp recovery/SS and you will be on stock rom slot and you should make a backup. When the backup is made, hit boot menu and create a rom slot in slot 1. Pick your name and data size and when it is done activate it. Note: before flashing a rom or wiping anything, make sure your new rom slot 1 is green and activated. Now that you have a backup and an activated the rom slot, go to wipes. Wipe cache, dalvik cache, and data/factory reset. Some roms ask you to wipe system. Now that you have a clean system, you can go to install and flash your rom and gapps if needed, then reboot. You will see the safe strap screen again. Just let it boot up and give the rom at least 10 minutes for first boot and enjoy.
3. If you want to return to your stock rom, just reboot and enter safe strap. Then hit boot menu, then stock, and activate. Then back out and hit reboot and stock rom will boot back up. This way you can boot which ever rom you want to.
4. Safe strap backups of stock slot should only be restored to the stock slot and backups of rom slots can be restored to any other rom slot.
5. You can install Clock work mod on the droid 3. It will be a bootstrap app not a recovery image and I highly recommend Safe Strap. 

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13 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Bionic”

  1. I am still messing around with this old Bionic, it’s kinda grown on me. Like mold. ;-P I had nearly forgotten until I was rereading the comments I posted above just how much work I”d put into this old hog. I learned a great deal about Motorola, safestrap, SPF, AP fastboot etc. It was fun. I even have mobile data and cell service on it.

    Before I cast this phone aside probably next week I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoy your videos and devotion to not only Android hacking, but educating others in a clear, understandable, yet non-condescending manner. I have to say that I came upon someones YouTube video the other day offering, for an undisclosed sum, to bypass FRP on a phone that you had already put out a video on. I’m all for entrepreneurship, having studied business and computers in my undergrad days, but I’ve also come to enjoy, participate and fiercely defend the spirit of open sharing and education which has always been a hallmark of the hacking community.

    Take care, keep modding, keep open source
    Steven Peterson
    Aspiring Android developer and recovering Windows expert.

    P.S. I have the odd commodity of time on my hands these days. I’d be interested in doing some freelance writing for your site. I am skilled in tech writing and can (usually) write at a professional level on nearly any topic.

  2. I’m happy to report that, finally, after many softbricks, flash failures, etc, I HAVE ROOT! The issue appears to have been an incomplete install of the Motorola drivers (I know, I know, watch the video. Yah I finally did all the way through.

    on the firmware flash however, I still hung at 22/24 I looked at the file that step was flashing (emstorage img) and it’s a zero length file. I was able to get root by using the VM and great Linux script provided (once I finally figured out how to configure the network adapters) I then installed safestrap and its TWRP.

    There are still a few issues however .When trying to boot into recovery, I get the fastboot flash failure screen. But then if I boot normally, I am able to get into the safestrap and TWRP.

    Though I never intended to activate this device, I may have to. I’ve found that I can use it on Walmart’s Straight Talk, or Net Ten, I may just run down and pick up a sim from one of them today.

    Thanks for all your great videos and files. without them, I would have skipped this phone over the lake by now

    Keep Modding
    Steven Peterson
    Aspiring Android developer and recovering Windows expert

  3. Hi Tom,

    I love your videos and tutorials. You helped me root my first few devices and are the reason I now call myself:

    “An aspiring Android developer and recovering Windows expert”

    I picked up a Droid Bionic for $20 the other day . I mainly intended to use for a music player and for the 8mp cam. I’m trying desperately to root it. Originally, I didn’t have access to a pc where I was so used Kingroot (yah, I know), I was able to remove Kinguser and replace with supersu.

    I was also able to install Safestrap, got twrp through it. Things were going great, and all without using a pc. Then I tried to install the latest CM rom through an app from the Playstore , it was even going great until

    I was stuck in fastboot menu for quite a while. I found I could boot by using the boot menu and choosing the hardware diagnostics option, I could also charge it by choosing the bptools option. I tried everything to get out of it. every attempt failed. I couldn’t boot into stock recovery and didn’t appear to have
    TWRP anymore. Finally, not sure how. It started to boot normally again. Though I had a strange root, some functions in root apps worked, some didn’t. I tried everything,

    I ran into that difficulty when supersu wouldn’t update the biinaries. even Kingroot couldn’t root it anymore. I did a full factory reset from settings inside Android. I rewatched this video carefully. You have the exact same model and build as I do and it went well until trying to install super su. or actually rename some of the files in that step. I saw the following :

    Succeeded in getroot!
    Remount success!
    Copying files..
    Can’t rename /system/xbin/su to /system/xbin/su.old: Operation not permitted

    Can’t rename /system/etc/ to /system/etc/install-recoverysh.old Operation not permitted
    Done .. now reboot to enable root!

    when it attempts to run super su at the
    on your phone, five supersu permission for ADB shell to run

    then I get 5:
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out

    installing busybox
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out
    [-]Connection to ui timed out

    All finished
    press any key to continue

    the bat file ends and still no root. I also tried running it as admin with the same results.

    Please help if you can. I know this is an old device that I may never even activate, but I’ve been working on this for days. They were actually pretty imprssive units when they came out. I’m intrigued by the number of roms out there and haven’t let a device beat me yet.

    Steven Peterson

    Of course, the first thing I tried was to root. I can’t even imagine owning a non rooted device anymore. Your install

  4. hi… couldn’t figure how to root my bionic! could u pliz link me on your modified install-root.bat?? cuz the one from motofail doesn’t do the job

  5. hey there again,
    im needing open access to the droid bionic and my samsung galaxy core prime, I don’t blong to any social sites so i cant share though I have and will continue sharing word of mouth. thanks so much for your work you have saved me more than you will ever know

  6. right on!!! thank you so much. I actually have a little time to dive in my bionic and do all the cool things ive wanted to. I very much enjoy your site, im able to find what im looking for and all the files i download are not corrupt or missing parts. thank you ROOTJUNKY!!


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