Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G

How to unlock the bootloader, install recovery, & Root your device

How to enter stock android recovery.  
1. power off the device or if boot looping hold power button for 20 seconds to turn it off.
2. press and hold both volume up and down then hold power also for 3 seconds then release all three buttons
3. on this screen press volume down until you highlight recovery then press volume up to select
4. on the android guy screen again press and hold both volume buttons for 5 seconds then press power once and you will be in stock android recovery on the moto G

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26 thoughts on “Motorola Moto G”

  1. Hi Root Junky! I have exhausted all tips and tricks to unlock a Moto G (XT1040) that what acquired from the Videotron carrier here in Canada. The phone does not ask for a subsidy code when we insert a sim from a different provider. Will we need to reflash the phone with a “generic” firmware?

    Thanks a lot in advaqnce for your help.

    Guy L. Montreal, Canada

  2. Sir i already unlocked my device.
    But i have not done with Flashing of 5.0.2 Lollipop. at that time it shows Image is Too large, at System.img

    Sir i want The Moto G 2 XT1079 Lollipop Firmware


    How to Relock my device Please tell me sir…

    In your tutorial There is no link for my device…../Please tell me sir

  3. guys can some one can help me.before 6 month i try to put 6.0 on moto it works fine after some days i installed comes the problem now my display is not booting only led on top is only working when it in charge,one of my friend said it is dead boot….some one can explain it to solve

  4. Hey I wanna know something that’s been killing me. I have a moto g 1st gen. I think that the device is soft bricked. It shows that the device has no OS. I desperately want you to help medo something that can make my phone work.
    Please help me please

  5. Hey,
    I just watched your video to relock moto g xt1032 bootloader.
    I am from india
    I am having moto g xt1033
    I have already downloaded stock rom android 5.1 for my mobile and i want to relock my bootloader, can you please tell me the steps to relock it’s bootloader

  6. Hey bro, My xt1033 was softbricked and I tried to revert back to stock but it was stuck at “Warning unlocked bootloader logo” so I flashed TWRP and pushed CM zips.
    But while flashing the CM zips, TWRP shows E:unable to mount \data , system, cache.

    Can you help me bro?


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