Nvidia Tegra Note 7

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Nvidia Tegra Note 7 root, recovery, and roms

How to enter bootloader menu. From a powered off state, press and hold the volume up & power button and it will boot to bootloader menu and you will have 5 options from there.
1. continue = boot into system  2. fastboot protocol = nothing  3. recovery kernel = boot to recovery stock or custom  4. reboot = reboot  5. power off = power off
If you select recovery kernel you will see a android guy with his back open. From this screen press power and volume up at the same time to enter stock android recovery
How to enter APX Mode for NV flash software
Power off the device then press and hold volume up and down and power for 10 seconds. The screen will stay black but the computer will now see the Tegra Note 7 as a APX device.




How to Root the Nvidia Tegra Note 7

Nvidia Tegra Note 7 bootloader unlock

Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Super tool made by Rootjunky



Nvidia Tegra Note 7 super tool updated video by Rootjunky



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14 thoughts on “Nvidia Tegra Note 7”

  1. i want unlock my device (hp slate 7 xtreme) maybe tegra note 7 is same…but i can’t download the super tool…can u help me sir..

  2. i want to completely restore stock recovery…. i tried to use the method you have showed in 4th video from the top. Its seems to do the who process however the supersu is still in my app drawer and i start getting error messages as soon as i open any apps.
    What would you recomend me do to fix this…
    Its Advent tegra note 7

  3. Hello, thanks for all of your resources here, they are very helpful. However, I tried to use the Super Tool 3.0 to fully restore 5.1 on my TN7 but get an error during system flash. Something like “sparse format unknown at header magi”. After that my tab would boot loop. I had to get the OTA2.5 directly from Nvidia to fix that. Also strange is that I first tried the OTA3.0 from Nvidia, but on the system flash I got “Failed (InvalidSize)” on the last sparse. Anyway, I want to use your restore images because the Nvidia images restores to Chinese Android, not Google Android, so there is no Play Store, no Gmail, no Google anything. Any insight you can give is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  4. At first sry for my bad english, but maybe i can help..

    Warpig, i hadthe same problem with the ota 3 after a failed root attempt. Maybe it would work for you to sideload the ota 3 UPDATE instead the full ota 3… Every time i tried to ideload the full ota 3 i got the same error, but the update ota 3 worked very fine, my tegra doesnt bootloop anymore, in fact im writing this right now on it… 🙂

  5. hello , please help i have downloaded the super tool 3.0 and after installing drivers on my tegra note 7 it is working perfectly fine also the fast boot protocol is working but when i select unlock boot loader it takes me to fast boot protocol and doesn’t show up the unlock or locked option on the tablet it stay on the fast boot protocol screen . please help my tn7 is on android 5.1.

  6. Iam used Apx mode flash. but this working fine, suddenly usb cable some problem and not fully flashed. now tablet is erassed all, bootloader, charging info. but apx driver detected ok
    my tablet Xolo Tegranote p1640

  7. Hi, I have a question!
    Can I flash your stock roms n updates of nvidia tegra note 7 on my xolo tegra note?

  8. I have xolo play tegra note 5.1. I am downloading SuperTool 2.7 to flash Kitkat, which version of kitkat should I flash. There is no clear-cut instruction or step by step instructions on flashing it. Can someone post a successful flashing method for Kitkat from beginning to end and what else you need other than SuperTool.

  9. Hello there, thank you for all the effort you put into this. I’m having the same problem as devildante, can’t seem to unlock the bootloader. My TN7 is on 5.1, I’m working on Win10 64. Any Ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.


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