Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

First thing you need to learn about any device is how to restore it when you mess it up. Unless you are a pro at hacking you are going to mess it up and brick at some point. Learn how to us ODIN and restore the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to factory stock firmware.

ODIN/Download Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely off
  • Key Combos: Volume Down + Home
  • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button until you see a disclaimer on the screen
  • Then let go of all the buttons and press Volume Up to accept the disclaimer
  • Once the green robot is visible on the screen this indicates that handset is in now ODIN/Download mode

Recovery Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely off
  • Key Combos: Volume Up + Home
  • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button
  • As soon as the phone vibrates, let go of the Power button but keep holding Volume Up + Home
  • When you see the “Samsung Galaxy S III” logo (not just the word “Samsung”), right after that, the next screen you should see is your recovery
  • Don’t let go of Volume Up + Home until you see your recovery


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  1. I have a note 5 and it wont reconize to any labtops and iv tried diff cords and talkback wont work nothing happens when i draw a L on the screen but i did figure out n got to google threw the sign in but its chrome browser so it wont let me download anything and when i try to go far it kicks me off and brings me back to the connect to wifi page…..iv tried everything..maybe something wrong with the phone or what if i could figure out how to get to get to a browser from google i could download the tools and bypass it but everytime i try to go to google chrome it kicks me off… any suggestions?

  2. I have note4 n910f. After every factory reset it stucks on first samsung logo. And get hot. Then i alway have to remove the battery. And after restarting again the battery become low. Why is it happens?

  3. I have a tmobil galaxy note 4 tmobile is not giving me unlock code they said samsung would do it within 14 days that has not happened i need to unlock the carrier network please help i love this phone but do t know how to do it

  4. I have found your information great; simple and educating and effective! Thank you for creating something “non-techy” people can comprehend.

  5. I have a Galaxy Note 4 that I have already replaced because it isn’t working properly, but now I want to fix it. Not sure how to describe it, but it failed an OTA update and ever since has been freezing. As soon as I boot it up, it freezes before I can even get into settings. I don’t know what happened with the update, but I wanted to use Kies to restore it.

    I get into Kies and follow your video, but it keeps asking me for the “S/N” instead of the IMEI like it shows in your video. Any idea why? It is a Verizon phone and I have called and spoken with BOTH Samsung and Verizon tech support and neither of them can give me the S/N. It is NOT on the sticker under the battery OR on the original box packaging for the phone. I have the IMEI and the ICCID, but Kies is asking for the S/N.

    Any ideas? If not, this phone is useless…

  6. I am using a verizon note 4 running android 6.0.1 and I can’t root it. I have tried so many times but nothing happens. I need your help to root my phone. I wanna install a cm14.1 or a lineageos. Please help. Thanks


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