Cyanogenmod 14 Released

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Cyanogen mod 14 Released


CyanogenMod 14 official release has started for many devices. Nexus being at the top of that list along with oneplus devices. CyanogenMod 14 release brings CM up to the latest Android OS which is Nougat and all its glory. If you are looking to see if CM14 is available for your device check the official download page you can also check here for unofficial builds. You can also download CyanogenMod Recovery if you want to use it over TWRP Recovery. Here is a list of some of the New features included in this release.

  1. Multi Window Support
  2. New System UI
  3. Better Battery Management

These are all features that are new or improved on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Below is a video showing off CyanogenMod 14 Unofficial check it out.


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3 thoughts on “Cyanogenmod 14 Released”

  1. Already flashed it and wasn’t impressed with it, looked just like every other cm rom except a few different jingles in settings. It took about 4 attempts to get it to except Gapps and work with still like 6 apps crashing out BUT with a simple uninstall and reinstall they was working. It appears resurrection remix is the best ROM out there for my moto x pure 1575 besides the OEM rom that’s pre installed.

  2. On my US Verizon note 4, 5.1.1 Rooted DE, I installed this over the week end. Love how snappy, the Pixel Launcher, and non battery heating up it was. I would make this my daily, except listed below.

    1. Connecting phone to Windows 8, I hear a noise, but no storage icon pops up, so no data transfer, to and from phone. Did all the developer option, MTP tab switching, with no luck. Didn’t try Sam-sung Kies software, but did, just about everything else. This is a show stopper for me, with this awesome operating system.

    2. The Note 4 air command Spen, stylist, is non functional, even with some third part apps. I can live with that, if I could fix #1 issue!

    3. I hear the camera is the best, but didn’t try it out. I hear their are third party software, which can help.

    If anyone has a solid answer to number one, I’ll drop Touch Wiz forever, I loved how snappy it was!


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