How to Find LG Firmware

How to find LG firmware for your device


You can find firmware for your LG device at a couple different site and today we will discuss of couple of them and ways you can identify which LG device you own. It is very important that you get the right firmware for your device. Lets say you have a LG V20 and you are looking for firmware well there are at least 5 different Model numbers for this device H910, H918, LS997, US996, VS995. The best way to figure out your model number is looking on the back of the device or under the battery and back cover. Another awesome method is to type in *#06# to your phone Dialer to get your IMEI or look in settings app and then about phone to find the IMEI that way. You can also get the IMEI from the back of the device under the battery its normally a 15 digit number like 356304044433231.

If you have your device IMEI number you can directly search LG server for firmware and more info on your device by using this link.

You need to change the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to your device IMEI number.



As you can see above there is a lot of great info in this XML file like the model number and even better for some device the URL for downloading firmware for this LG device based on the IMEI. This method of finding your device firmware is error proof since you found it with your IMEI you know for sure you have the right firmware straight from LG.

Some of the other site you can use to locate firmware for your device are listed below. you can also search by IMEI number on this site of Model Number. you can use the search bar on the top and navigate to your device forum then look in there for firmware files either TOT or KDZ files. 

you flash these firmware files with either LG flash tool link below of you use LG’s new program LG UP

If you would like to see more about firmware restoring your device CLICK HERE

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  2. Is it possible to load into your recovery, like TWRP? You could probably download whatever apps are whacked out, on to a sd card, boot into recovery and download them to your internal system files from there. Or have you tried to use kingroot to flash it again?

  3. I have a lgl33l sunset (net 10) king rooted, titanium back up, tried using apps 2 sd and all hell broke loose, now keep getting repeating messages and cant use any function of phone because of the messages and files and programs like phone , contacts ,blue tooth, Chrome browser and others were not there anymore. The repeating messages started with, “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” multiple other functions such as setup wizard, system UI and many, many others have stopped. Ran Titanium recovery with no success, still have missing programs and continuous loop of messages. Hooked phone up to laptop and copied everything available from phone to laptop, then tried both soft and hard reboot on phone with no luck. Still missing all programs and many blocking messages. Is there a way that I can reload the Lollipop UI or even better the Marshmallow UI? It seem to me that the missing programs are primarily core ones. I am out of ideas, please help. Yes, I am a newbie, so there is a learning curve. Which is to say that you might need to spell things out a bit. Thanks for any insight you can give!the info you requested is at the top of the message and I will try to provide you with any other information you may need. Like the imei number is
    Any other information about this matter is that the phone is stock besides the root and backup


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