Lineage OS is taking CyanogenMod place

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Lineage OS Android Distribution

As many of you know CyanogenMod has officially shut down as of December 25 2016. Lineage OS is looking to continue CM work under this new distribution. A company pulling their support out of an open source project does not mean it has to die. Lineage OS is just getting started and needs all the help it can get to really create some momentum. Lineage is looking for Build Slaves and Build Mirrors to help them out if you have something available to share please contact them HERE. They have already lunched there Gerrit, IRC, Github, and Reddit with a Wiki to follow soon. I am glad that someone has stepped in to fill the huge shoes of CyanogenMod in the Android community and I am really looking forward to see what Lineage has to offer and doing some reviews on it. I hope to see some new players with some amazing new customization in this new Android custom OS.  LINEAGE OS NEW DOWNLOAD PAGE CAN BE FOUND HERE

If you are wanting to stay up to date on any developments with Lineage OS, I would recommend following them on Twitter. I know I will be. What are your thoughts on this new Lineage OS?  Please comment below.

RootJunky Out.

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15 thoughts on “Lineage OS is taking CyanogenMod place”

  1. Hey Root Junky! Can you possibly recommend to Lineage os to make is distribution for a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 [mondrian-wifi]? I don’t know how to make a disto, or recommend one, but I would like to switch over to the new forked version of CyanogenMod asap.

    – TekoNerdz

  2. I am running an unofficial version of it on my One Plus one right now. I am super stoked that the transition to LineageOS is going to take place. Like you, I am a fan of CM’s work and will n be looking forward to LineageOS on still of my other devices.

  3. Hi Root Junky. I had problems with the fingerprint sensor. I have flash official and unofficial lineageos in note 3 pro redmi me. I’ve also tried to flash the firmware of 14.1 and still nothing has changed, such as the fingerprint settings in your video still does not exist. Is there any solution to my problem? I should flash lineageos which one? I’m from Indonesia sorry for my english. Thanks.

  4. lots of launchers look alike but the one you showed on that vid also looks like nova launcher, although I’m not 100% sure it is Nova launcher.


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