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380 thoughts on “Factory Reset Protection”

    • Same! I get to the camera (took me about 10 times to bypass the wifi in just the right spot!) but I don’t have a download button 🙁 I tried the APK with the USB (Amazon doesn’t sell the one you used anymore 🙁 ) but that doesn’t work for me either. Frustrated trying to get into my tablet! Any other suggestions?

  1. Which one of these methods work best for a ZTE Z899VL?
    My nephew gave my ten year old this phone to use for games and YouTube but he reset it. Unfortunately, my son had put on a whole new google account, without me knowing and yep, forgot his password within a month. Ughh!!

  2. Hey, I’ve got a samsung galaxy tab a6 I bought off the internet and tryna do this doesn’t work. I don’t have a flash drive so just plugged it into computer, and all it does is tell me that it’s charging slowly, no file explorer or anything. Any suggestions?


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