Lenovo K3 Note

Lenovo K3 Note K50-T5



How to Boot into custom TWRP or CWM Recovery.

1. power off device

2. hold both volume up and down

3. with volume up and down being held press the power button until the device boots.

4. keep holding the volume up and down until recovery boots.


Lenovo K3 Note Android Phone Review


How to root the Lenovo K3 note and install custom CWM recovery

How to install Cm12 on the K3 Note

How to restore and or unbrick the K3 Note with the SP flash tool

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39 thoughts on “Lenovo K3 Note”

  1. hello rootjunky bought used moto lenovo off craigslist. Cant activated cause stuck on google protection wants me to sign into previous owners account and i cant get that info want can i do????????????????????

  2. I think it worked when I used kingRoot on the phone, not pc. Cuz pc didn’t work for me.

    But sometimes it says, it doesnt really work or its not rooted, on the phone even though I rooted it.

    So does kingRoot work well, rooting this device?


  3. Dang you awesome at this. The tech thing… android…

    😀 nice. 🙂

    Btw is there other ways to unbrick this.
    Does safe mode work?

  4. Sir I purchased a Lenovo tablet for a friend for Christmas ..
    she forgot her information and we did a factory reset she then forgets her gmail email
    so we had to port her landline phone over to a cell phone to get her email from google and now her password doesn’t work .. when I try to do a forget password google tells us Google does not provide another way to sign into this account at this time. at this point we have no idea what to do .. google. will not help us .. they just refer us to there useless website ..

  5. For anyone wondering, yes, these instructions work for a 3TS model. I’m currently running the Flyme 5.1 on AT&T in the USA after rooting and installing CWM. Thanks to Rootjunky for his instructions.


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