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Phonlab E-Campus free Chromebook Support course

I have been working with Phonlab for many months now and we decided to bring everyone a FREE course on Chromebooks to help techs and repair shops trouble shoot and fix customer devices. If you want to get access to this FREE course just head over to and enroll. Once you enroll in the Chromebook Support course you will have access to all the lessons. We hope you enjoy them and if you find them handy you may want to check out Phonlab E-Campus where we cover smartphone repairs and security.  Phonlab has just added our own tool called MotoReaper and it can remove FRP factory reset protection lock on any Motorola device on the market today. It is an amazing tool and all students at Phonlab E-campus get access to this tool. We hope to see you there so join us and be the future of mobile today.




ChromeBook Recovery Hacks and Tricks
Magisk Systemless Root Manager

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  1. I hope my comment isn’t considered off topic; I’ve never been on point with forum layouts and my apologies now for any future goofs on my part. So that being said, I am so glad I decided to enroll in this free class before registering and paying for my first month! The more money in my pocket the better at the moment (not that I can think of any moment that money in the pocket isn’t ideal, unless I’m wakeboarding I guess). Thank you so much! Can’t wait to get started! For the first time in my life I feel like I’m heading in a direction that I am passionate about, motivated to learn more about and may someday have the potential to begin a career as a business owner…never thought I would EVER say those words without beginning the sentence with “I will never…”. See you on the flip side!

  2. If she has a Note 5 it is probably running Android Marshallow 6.0 with a Samsung touchwiz skin .. or if she updated to Nougat, she could be on that 7.0 (Samsung and the carriers dropped an update some months back. But either way, .. go to Settings, then go to About Phone. Check out the software version she is on. It’s either 6.0 =Marshmallow. or its 7.0 Nugat.. hopefully that helps ya a little brother.. and don’t worry.. Samsung runs Android.. it just looks slighty different due to their skin..
    let us know how it goes

  3. I have a Samsung galaxy note 5.that my wife locked down by hard resetting.
    It was a friends phone and she didn’t wire down her Google information so she can’t remember it. But anyways how to get around it I’ve watched you videos and none are like this version of android . I’m do not know what Android it has please help thanks a lot.


  4. Hey RJ I’m On PhonLab And am having an issue with FRP on HTC Devices most of the original ways are patched to not work any more so we rely on our boxes for fast easy FRP Resets with Samsung and LG with the Octoplus boxes but there doesn’t seem to be any thing out there for HTC. We have a ZX3 Box a Octoplus Box and a GCProKey but I can’t find an Easy Method for FRP with this. If you want proof I’m on phone lab go to the FRP Section and Read the comment From James That’s me šŸ™‚ Its Preety much the same question as this one. I have reached out to other repair Ccmpanies that say they have a Resolution for the Issue but they will not share as one company to another, Which sucks because We see tons of phones a month returned to us FRP locked by customers.

    Appreciate any help into this.


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