R1 HD Amazon Bootloader unlock

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R1 HD Amazon Bootloader unlock


Hi Guys thanks to a team effort the Amazon R1 HD has root access with SP Flash Tool and TWRP recovery image.
I went ahead with the help of jcase and unlocked the bootloader because i wanted full access.

What i did is put together this script that will walk you through the steps to unlocking your Amazon R1 HD bootloader.
Steps are simple you just download this script that i created and click on the batch file once you have extracted it to your desktop. Follow the script it will walk you through everything.
Note Root access is required to use the script and you can watch a video on how to root the device below. My Script as been updated to work on Linux Mac or Windows

Download Files Here

How to unlock the bootloader video

How to root and install twrp recovery video

Here are the steps to check if your bootloader is unlocked since people are asking. With the device turned on and adb debugging working. Run these commands in terminal or command window
adb reboot bootloader
Once in fastboot mode run this command to check if unlocked.
fastboot getvar all
It will return yes for unlock and no for locked.


1. Download SP-Flash-Tool-bootloader-unlock.zip
2. Extract the SP-Flash-Tool-bootloader-unlock.zip to your desktop. Note 7zip is great to extract files.
3. lauch Flash_tool.exe
4. select scatter-loading and browser to load MT6735_Android_scatter_R1_Unlock.txt
5. click download button to start.
6. now plug your phone into the computer. to boot the device to preloader and start the flash. You can do it two ways: 1. power off the phone and flash will start or 2. From a powered off stat power on the device while plugged into the computer. either way will start the sp flash tool.
7. once the flash is complete which should take seconds you can unplug the device and reboot it. Congrats you can now unlock the bootloader like any normal device now.

How to unlock the bootloader now that you have turned on this feature.
1. power off the device
2. holder volume up and power until you are at the boot menu with recovery fastboot and normal as options scroll with volume up to fastboot then press power button to select
3. once in fastboot mode you will need to option a command window on your computer and make sure you have your adb and fastboot files
4. cd to the folder with your adb and fastboot files then run these commands
5. to maks sure your devices are working correctly
fastboot devices
6. to unlock the bootloader
fastboot oem unlock
7. follow the directions on your device screen. once it is finished unlocking you can check it with
fastboot getvar all
8. Next to reboot the device use
fastboot reboot
thats it your bootloader is unlocked
Note: if you have twrp recovery install and unlock your bootloader with METHOD 2 the device will try and boot to recovery and wipe data which will fail because you and twrp installed.
The only way to fix this is to boot to fastboot mode and run this command
fastboot format userdata
then just reboot out of fastboot mode and the device will boot up.
fastboot reboot

Need help with these commands check out this video jump ahead to 6min 45sec to see commands above

Universal Samsung FRP Bypass
Android Nougat 7.0 Official

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20 thoughts on “R1 HD Amazon Bootloader unlock”

  1. Man, you rock for doing all this work. However, now I’m getting an annoying message, “Unfortunately Amazon Offers has stopped.” It pops up without warning–sometimes every 5 seconds even while playing a game. Any ideas? I followed your YouTube video…every command. I would appreciate any tips you might have, since no one else out there seems to have any ideas. Thanks so much.

  2. try to unlock mi4c bootloader and…
    fastboot oem unlock
    FAILED (remote: Token verification failed, reboot the device)
    finished. total time: 0.010s

    cannot unlock the mi4c bootloader, thank you anyway..
    ..sorry for my poor english

  3. hi sir. i have huwaei p7-l01 stuck on *unfotunately boot failed mode ?> it does not go any othe mode . how can i go out from this mode . bootlider also locked. thanks

  4. Hi broth, I have a lil’ problem… I updated via OTA to the 6.6 version and now the phone don’t let me apply the SPFT… Is there any chance to root my device now?

  5. Many thanks and your doc is right on.. Thanks much. Is there a way to just unroot with out changing anything. One of the app that i need for work requires the phone to be unrooted..I don’t want to use root cloak or anything. Even if it is command line using adb, i will take it. Thanks for your help..

  6. greetings, brother will be possible to do a tutorial on how isntalar cyanogenmod in blu r1 hd and thank you very much for the contribution you made to this model tlf thanks from Venezuela

  7. I got this message from Amazon,
    “Hello, We recently learned of a potential security issue with a BLU smartphone our records indicate you purchased or registered:
    BLU R1 HD – 16 GB – Black – Prime Exclusive – with Lockscreen Offers & Ads

    BLU intends to push out a software update that will fix the issue. Any phone that is powered on and connected to the Internet (through Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection) will automatically receive the update.”

    After I disable OTA’s how would I go about make major updates to my R1 HD

  8. Hey there I hope all is well, the BLU R1 HD is version 6.6 android version 6.0 I get stuck at the Smart Phone Flash Tool, where I hit the download button and then plug in my device and turn it on.

    I get this error in the app :

    [H/W] Fail to download DA to baseband chip’s internal SRAM!
    1.There’s an cable communication problem between FlashTool and BootROM.
    2. Target might be shutdown unexpectedly or target lost power supply.
    1. Try again
    2. Proceed H/W checking in download cable and target side com port
    3. Monitor if power-drop occured in target side

    I’d really like to root this phone please help

  9. Hello, I have this problem: I have a r1 hd r0010uu, I had released it from the Amazon junction and I had changed the recovery and root. I made a hard rest and stayed brick, I tried to revive it with the instructions of ColtonDRG, mrmazak, rootjunkysdl and I could not. I use a .zip file with sptool and it comes out TOOL DL image FAIL! And try with the miraclebox and nothing. Friends need help. If they have a complicated .zip with sptool that works thank you very much


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