100,000 Subscriber Thank You

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100,000 Subscriber Thank You

After four years and over 750 YouTube video’s I have finally reached 100,000 Subscribes on my channel. 🙂 This has been an amazing journey to get to this point. I have learned so much along the way and have met so many awesome subscribes and viewers. I want to take this time to say a big thank to all of you, but especially to those that have been really close to me and have helped so much.  For starters,  Matt who taught me how to write batch scripts. I am sure many of you have used my SuperTools and loved them, you can all thank Matt for those. Also, Kenn for writing on this site and he is also the brains and person behind all of the device rebuild videos on this channel. I can’t forget Hendrix who helped me up my video and audio quality along the way and who made some awesome videos for the channel as well.  Episode Tuesday is another awesome guy who also writes for this site. This guy has some of the best posts around and very fun to read. This is just four of the hundreds of friends I have made in the Android community these last four years.


I can’t forget all the awesome developers that have been able to work with like Hashcode, dhacker, beanstown, chainfire, Jared Rummler, Gatejunoir, des troy, Wug fresh, Jcase, just to name a few and the list goes on and on. These guys have been super awesome in teaming up with me to bring all of you some of the best and coolest android hack and mod videos tutorials around. 🙂 Thanks Android developers; without your dedication and hard work this channel wouldn’t exist.

I also have to thank those guys that were in my first Android community on XDA developers back in the day when I got my first Android device the Motorola Droid X2. John M. and Ash H. along with sd shadow.  They were my best buds and super helpful and awesome to hang with on XDA. I can forget to mention some other good friends like Alex, Sam, and Fred that I talk with almost every week, you guys are the best.

Here is the first youtube video I ever made. Its almost at 1,000,000 views by the way

Here is one of my latest. I think you can see the progression 🙂

Of course i can’t forget the youtubes that I hang with like Droidmodderx, bane tech, zedo maxx, wwjoshdew, qbking77. These guys inspire me and drive me to keep making better and better Android and tech content for all of you.

Last but not least I would like to thank my wife Jackie for putting up with all the time I spend researching and making these videos, without her support RootJunky.com wouldn’t exist at all. Thanks Babe. 🙂

Can’t wait to get another 100,000 subs and see who I meet along way. If you haven’t already Subscribed to my channel go do it now. CLICK HERE

RootJunky Out

Comments welcome

Google Nexus Player

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Google Nexus Player Giveaway



I fellow Android junky’s today I have a fun giveaway for you to help me celebrate reaching 10,000,000 views on my Youtube channel. Just want to say thanks for all you watching my nerdy tech videos. THANKS!!!  I really hope you have enjoyed them and maybe even learned a little so that you can intern help others with there devices. 🙂 I am only at 43,000 Subscribers right now which is really a ton. But i am really driving hard to get to that 100,000 Subscriber mark on youtube. Please remember to share my videos it really helps me to keep bringing new and cool content coming. Thanks again. RootJunky Out.

Giveaway rules

1.  create a user name so that you can comment on this post

2.  comment on this post / page with what your first Android device was and favorite feature on it. Comments will be approved as soon as i have time.

Example; My first device was a Droid X2 I really loved that is was one of the only dual core cpu phones at that time.

There will be many comments and also many winner.

First place winner The Nexus Player and a RootJunky T-shirt

Second place winner some sort of bluetooth tech and a Rootjunky T-shirt

Third place winner a Rootjunky T-shirt


rootjunky shirt

T-shirt image above

Good Luck and I will pick the winners in one week on Saturday 11/29/14

Nexus Player Unboxing Video

 Google Nexus Player Video Playlist

While you are here, check out the rest of my new site! I have been updating it for months now.



US only International shipping is to much of a pain sorry

I will pick the winners in one week on Saturday 11/29/14

Only one entry per person please but comment as much as you like. Comments will be approved as soon as i have time. You may not see your comment as soon as you post it.

Thanks for watching and lets do some more giveaways soon


First place winner


HTC one m7. And the feature blink feed because it very easy to obtain news without me search for it manually. Good luck to everyone else.

Second place winner

Danny Sullivan

My first Android was the Motorola Droid Bionic. I loved its dual core performance, but I especially enjoyed the HDMI out on it. Before wireless screen mirroring was as available as it is now, this was the coolest thing I thought a smartphone could do

Third place winner


I switched from blackberry to an HTC Thunderbolt and my favorite feature was the metal kickstand! I was hooked forever after as an android user!


Winners please only contact me with the email you signed into this site with. email me at rootjunky@gmail.com to claim your prizes.  All winners where picked with random.org see pictures below. The winners have one week to contact me or i will pick a new winner 🙂

comment 6 winner 1 comment 44 winner 2 comment 45 winner 3 winner 1 winner 2 winner 3

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