Android 11 FRP bypass on the Google Pixel

Rootjunky one of our instructors here at Phonlab has done it again. bringing us a new factory reset protection bypass for the Google Pixel 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 on Android 11 with the latest security patches. This new method has to be the craziest one we have seen from Rootjunky so far, who has been bypassing FRP security on phones for a long time see video below.

This new bypass is much harder to achieve as security has been stepped up a ton since Android 6.0. On Android 11 you can no longer install apps from unknown sources because the package install crashes when installing the app while the devices is FRP locked. Setting a Password also does not work as this method has also been blocked by factory reset protection. Phonlab has created tons of FRP bypass methods over the years and we have been consistantly able to bypass this security measure thanks to the hard work of Rootjunky and other instructors here at Phonlab.

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12 thoughts on “Android 11 FRP bypass on the Google Pixel”

  1. Trying to do frp bypass on Samsung Galaxy Tab E Model # T377A watched all the relevent videos, nothing works for me, maybe i’m doing something wrong!

  2. Dear RootJunky,

    My name is Ian and I’m from the Philippines.

    I have a Cherry Mobile Tegra Note 7 that I want to downgrade back to Kitkat and I’m wondering if you could help me with that.

    All the best,


  3. Seems like it should be easy?! I will try again. New endeavors are always exciting even if on a solo mission. I’m just pickey how my phone runs.I will always stick up for you folks at rootjunky, I mean anyone that root so deep in those crevices and figure how they work deserves credit! Who knows how to properly work these things anyway? Mine goes for a minute then stops but I’m liking the view from the beach ? open spaces! I love you Grandma ❤️ and fam

  4. Hi Rootjunky
    I tried your method in the video but no luck. When I put in the usb drive the file explorer doesn’t pop up. This is on samsung s7 edge duos G935F, OS is Android 7.0.
    I have also tried the sim lock ejection method but that doesn’t work either, I don’t get the option to go to settings.
    I may try to overwrite the firmware to get it down to Android 6.0 and try again, but before doing that i want to get my imei off my phone otherwise I don’t know if I can recover it?
    I’m not able to do that because the samsung dial emergency contact won’t accept the *#060#
    I also can’t get the imei by hitting the home button after booting to the recovery mode.

  5. I have a alcatel joy tab 2. I can get all the way to the messaging part but I don’t have that many options to choose from to get into the about app part

  6. Rootjunky-need serious help please: Moto g5 ,phone keeps asking for last google mail address that was used on phone,or pattern used.

  7. hi i have a galaxy s9 plus and i follwed your instuctions and DL the proper apk file onto an OTG flash drive and did all the steps leading to ‘enter account linked to device” and pluged my flash drive to my phone and NOTHING screen didnt even flicker> what am i doing wrong. id appreciate if you could help me ut thank you


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