Android 11 FRP bypass on the Google Pixel

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Rootjunky one of our instructors here at Phonlab has done it again. bringing us a new factory reset protection bypass for the Google Pixel 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 on Android 11 with the latest security patches. This new method has to be the craziest one we have seen from Rootjunky so far, who has been bypassing FRP security on phones for a long time see video below.

This new bypass is much harder to achieve as security has been stepped up a ton since Android 6.0. On Android 11 you can no longer install apps from unknown sources because the package install crashes when installing the app while the devices is FRP locked. Setting a Password also does not work as this method has also been blocked by factory reset protection. Phonlab has created tons of FRP bypass methods over the years and we have been consistantly able to bypass this security measure thanks to the hard work of Rootjunky and other instructors here at Phonlab.

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