Motorola Moto 360 Super Tool

Motorola Moto 360 Super Tool

Moto360 screen 1moto360 screen 2

 Download the Super Tool HERE at

Motorola Moto 360 Super Tool Options

1. Install adb and fastboot drivers from motorola and test them

2. unlock the bootloader of the watch

3. relock the bootloader of the watch

4. flash stock wear recovery image

5. flash stock wear boot image

6. restore your Moto 360 to stock KGW42N official

7. Root the Moto 360

8. flash TWRP recovery coming soon i hope

9. boot to stock recovery from bootloader mode

Requirements to use this Motorola Moto 360 Super tool

USB interface cable. if you need one watch this video on how to make it

Download the Super Tool HERE at 

Know how to remove the watch band. check this VIDEO

May have a Video coming on how to use this tool soon 🙂

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Project Ara
CF Auto Root

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16 thoughts on “Motorola Moto 360 Super Tool”

  1. hello i want to get full stock but i can flash images on y moto360 this is the message.

    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    target reported max download size of 50331648 bytes
    sending ‘boot’ (4594 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: unsupported command)
    finished. total time: 0.011s

    mfastboot flash system system.img
    error: cannot load ‘system.img’

    help me please. im doing this cause my moto 360 stuck during an OTA and now freeze on the M logo.

  2. pleas i need some help
    i bought a moto 360 second generation from china and every thing in chines ,how i can change the system or the software to english ?

  3. I had a KNX OTA update on my device and then I unlocked the watch to flash rooted boot.img but system did not boot. It keeps on rebooted from circular glowing watch screen.

    So I flashed back KGW42R into watch (Option 6: Restore your Moto 360 to stock KGW42R). System boots fine, pairing done.

    Then flashed 360superboot.img again but I see same behavior.

    Any clue what is happening here?


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