Quadrooter Qualcomm Exploit

Quadrooter Qualcomm Exploit


QuadRooter sounds like another serious Android security exploit. One which can apparently allow a malicious app to gain root access on Qualcomm based Android phones and tablets, enabling the app to then do pretty much what it pleases. According to Check Point, the research group that discovered QuadRooter, up to 900 million Qualcomm Android devices could be affected. This exploit targets the Qualcomm drivers which is why it is specific to this hardware. As of the Augusts 1st security update Google has patched 3 of the 4 vulnerabilities and will patch the last one in the September 1st update. To keep your device safe from these bugs it is always bests to stay on top of your security updates. One of the best ways to protect your phone from malicious software is to only download apps from google play or trusted sources.


If you want to check and see if your device can possible be vulnerable to this threat then you can download and run QuadRooter Scanner by check pointPersonally I am hoping that a developer can figure out this exploit and use it to get many android users root access. I am sure someone can create a app that gets root then injects supersu and su binary into the device. If you are hoping for the same I recommend not updating to new security patches and give the developers some time to get devices root access. 

I wouldn’t be surprise to see this QuadRooter vulnerability implemented into Kingroot app some time soon, as it would make there app unstoppable on Android devices. What do you think about this bug please comment below and let me know.



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13 thoughts on “Quadrooter Qualcomm Exploit”

  1. Can my ZTE Max XL be rooted, and if so what superuser ? Can I get TeslaROM-N installed on my phone From Ground Zero Roms? Xposed framework will not install. Help!

  2. As a newbie to this site I seem to have done something incorrect and lost my previously typed comment. It’s really a request for info, and I will try, try again:
    Working on an Amazon Fire 5th Gen 7″
    Have previously used super tools you provide to root; to download drivers; to install Google Play Store.
    Got ambitious and tried to flash new custom rom.
    NOTE: Could not find version. Each time I clicked on it it went back to prior screen instead of showing version #.
    Could not load TWRP (or the other recovery using super tools; batch program simply stalled on the PC.
    So, I went ahead and flashed CM-12.1 and the gapps package that XDA associated with that CM version.
    How happy when the CM-12 boot startup window began flashing; how sad that it never stopped!
    So, discovered I was not entirely bricked as when USB connected the ADB and Fastboot on the PC still acknowledged the presence of the “device”.
    Since none of the super tool flash or sideload commands would take from the the PC I decided to try and restore the Amazon system. This worked fine. The latest system is and it’s on the tablet now.
    Also reinstalled Play Store. Couldn’t root however.
    NOW THE PROBLEM: Everywhere I look it says I can’t downgrade the system. But it took the latest Amazon version even though CM was obviously present (although not working). So, here’s the question:
    Do you think I could redo the flash effort of CM-12.1 with gapps. Get back to a semi-brick. And, then do the sideload again of an EARLIER Amazon system … on which would work with flashing TWRP and a custom ROM.
    I hope I’ve made myself clear; it’s often not easy to do. You guys treat emails as spam, so I don’t know how to get my answer. I could stick my em address in here in a way that would “beat the system”, so to speak, but I am bound to honor your intent since it’s your system. I do hope to hear from you guys. I think your site and especially super tools support are FANTASTIC! Thank you, so very much.

    Tony D.

  3. I had an old Samsung tablet I wanted root on and used kingoroot, then used an app from the play store to remove that little devil . I worked like a charm but kingoroot is absolutely impossible to remove otherwise. Thank goodness for the removal app I found.


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